Origo Dreamline

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Origo Dreamline (1989-)

FIN> BX (code gfx, 89-09/95), CLF (code gfx, 89-09/95), Destino (swap, 89-
     09/95), Mixer (code music, 89-09/95), Slayer (09/95), Zardax (Ari-Pekka
     Paljakka, code music, 89-09/95).


FIN> Crony (Jari Juntunen, code gfx swap, 89-early91), Proton (ex Motion,
     new 08/90), Rock (music, ex Finnish Gold/Motion?, new 06/90).
???> Gordon (later Success).

Origo Dreamline are a Finnish demo group, born in 1989.
  1990 - Finnish musician Rock joined from Finnish Gold around june. Zardax
contributed one tune to Crest's demo "2 Years Crest" [10/90] in october.
  1992 - Zardax contributed all three tunes to Beyond Force's "Oh No, More
Dots!" [07/92] demo for Assembly.
  1993 - The demo "Four Years" [08/93] was release at Assembly in august.
  1995 - Zardax contributed two tunes to Byterapers' demo "Extremes"
[08/95], while a third went ahead and WON the music competition at Assembly
in august!

  Abortion (1989, Multifile Demo).
  code: Mixer, CLF, BX, gfx: Grony, BX, CLF, music: Mixer, Zardax, Maniacs
  of Noise (ripped), IQ64 and Predator/Moz(IC)Art/Shape.
  review: This demo seems very preoccupied with scrollers, and offers a
  variety of them - DYCPs, DYSPs and even a nice wobbly char variation
  overlaid on rasters. The opening sequence with a 3d starfield is also
  nice, but the rest is merely average. Not at all bad, but far from
  terribly exciting. Presumably not released at a party, at least there is
  no text to indicate it. Can't find any release date. [glenn]

  Tour De Force (1990, Demo).
  code: BX, CLF, Mixer, gfx: n/a, music: Zardax, Mixer, Rock.
  info: Three-part demo, one by each coder.

  Four Years (1993, 09.08, Demo).
  code: CLF, BX, gfx: Clf (font), Bx (objects), Zardax (objects),
  Napalm/Beyond Force (picture), music: "Anglia Spirit" by Zardax.
  Released for the Assembly 93 demo competition.
  review: This is a one-screen demo from Origo, a bit on the small side for
  a four year celebration it seems, but on the other hand the quality is
  quite outstanding! =) It opens with a textzoomer introducing the demo,
  then launches into the main part: A picture of a beastly face with nasty
  fangs appears, over which fast filled vectors appear! It's all done
  realtime, and the speed seems quite acceptable. It does get blocky when
  the vectors are zoomed too much, but it's still great for 1993! There is a
  normal, 8x8 pixel scroller at the bottom of the screen, much like most
  other partyscrollers. A nice little production, that leaves me wanting to
  see more!
    Zardax' music is a great piece, titled "Anglia Spirit", and can be found
  at $e300. Melodic and beautiful, it is the perfect soundtrack for the
  demo. Text in the memory suggests it's an older tune, copyrighted 1990,
  with the player copyrighted 1992. The demo is a single file. [glenn]