Orion (new)

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Orion [new] (1989-1990)

???> Airwolf (ex Manowar, new early90), DSH (Mike), Met (ex Falcon, new
     12/89), Slide (ex Duplex, new 12/89).

Orion was rebuilt in august 1989 by former members of Stardom.
  1989 - Met joined from Falcon, and Slide from Duplex in december. Wave and
Flagman both left for Legend in december.
  1990 - The group died in february. Slide (ex Duplex, new 12/89) and
Indy will probably join Tera (will not be moved there until there is
confirmation). Heatseeker joined Crest. Germans Jack Daniels and Slime
joined ATG with their mag project "Corruption", and released the first issue
under that label in march.

Coder and swapper Kid joined WOW.