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Ozone (-1993)

DEN> Biz Kid (Jesper Jørgensen, gfx edit, also in Blaze, 01/93), Yedo (Mads
     Jensen, code edit).

Ozone was a danish demo group. After releasing the very first issue of their
diskmag "Skyhigh" in january of 1993, coder Yedo bought an amiga and left
the c64 scene. As Yedo and Biz Kid were the only two members of Ozone
denmark, Biz Kid decided to seek greener pastures in Oxyron, and thus the
group was dead. The next issue of Skyhigh was released for Oxyron.

  Skyhigh #1 (1993, 16.01, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Yedo, gfx: Biz Kid, music: n/a, editor: Biz Kid, Yedo.
  review: No intro for this one, we launch right into the mag. First
  impressions are very good, with an excellent SKYHIGH logo swinging back
  and forth across the top of the screen. The rest of the screen is occupied
  by the text readout, which you scroll up and down using the joystick.
  Editorially, this mag is quite thin in its first issue, but then again so
  are most mags. There are a couple of interviews (with Dr.Feelgood/Genetix
  and Bird/Bronx), but we feel they should perhaps have tried harder to find
  interesting subjects for interviews. Other than that, we've got the
  obligatory news and rumours, the charts, a small report from The Party 92
  (with some valuable information, thanks! :]), and not a lot more. You
  still leave the mag with a positive vibe, and you expect your returns to
  be even better than the initial visit... Skyhigh is a mag with a future.
  The outfit code is fair, functional, and far from the worst I've
  experienced. It works, it's intuitive, and in the end that's what really
  matters, isn't it?
    No credit is given for any of the music pieces used, leading us to
  believe they were all likely ripped. [glenn]