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Padua (1989-, -

GER> Hi-Lite (Marc, code gfx, new mid98-11/02), Hoogo (code, 00), Leonardo
     (code, 12/94), Lubber (code, early91-10/03), Steel (Mario Laugell,
     music, also in Success, 02/92), Steve (swap, early91).
ENG> Cupid (gfx, 00-07/01).
BEL> Vip (gfx music, also in WOW, Role, Cyberzound Productions, 07/98-
POL> Cactus (Pawel Bol, code editor, also in Oxyron, 01/04), Polonus (Pawel
     Soltysinski, code gfx, aka POL, ex Science 451, new early91-10/91).
FRA> THK (swap, 12/90).
SWI> Unlock (Andry Joos, also in Vantage [pc], 10/01-04/03).
SWE> Raze (Hans-Peter Fischer, music, also in scs-trc, 07/00).
GRE> Alias Medron (gfx, also in Samar, 04-07/03).
CAN> Anonym (Frank Michlick, code, 89-03).
???> Lord Hypnos (code, 03), Waz (music, 01-03).

Padua is an international demogroup. Among its original founders were german
Anonym. Anonym (canada) and Cupid (england) are both originally from
Germany. Polonus develops a music editor which first went under the name
VoiceTracker, then later Music Mixer. The first versions of VoiceTracker was
released under his previous group, Science 451. In a mail from Anonym, I was
informed that at least swedes Jadawin (Kalle Norrman, music, 00) and Powpin
(both ex Warriors of Time, new 03/91), Mad (eng music, 12/93) and Roman (ger
gfx, early91) have not been members for quite some time.
  1991 - Polonus joined from Science 451, while swedes Jadawin and Powpin
joined from Warriors of Time around early march.
  1992 - In august german The Syndrom (also in TIA) joined from Sunrise.
  1993 - The Syndrom's membership didn't last all that long, and he left the
group for Crest sometime between january and april. Diabolo joined from
Lower Level in may, and immediately released a demo.
  1994 - Chiefy left for F4CG in september.
  1995 - Creat (gfx) left for Hardcore around september.
  1995 - Hi-Lite joined from Hitmen around the middle of the year.

  The Final Torture (1994, 28.12, Demo).
  code: Leonardo, Anonym, gfx: n/a, music: Steel/Success.
  5th in The Party 5 demo competition.
  info: Steel's music is the only exclusive piece in the demo.

  <4KB (1998, 12.04, 4k Intro).
  code: Leonardo, gfx: n/a, music: Xayne (uncredited).
  4th in the Mekka Symposium 4k intro competition.
  review: I can't bring myself to love this; even though it's just 4k and
  has cool music, sinedots are late 80's. [glenn]

  Mekka Symposium 2000 Invitation (2000, early, File).
  code: Hoogo, gfx: Cupid, music: Jadawin.
  review: Very focused on just getting the text out in an orderly fashion,
  this invitation intro comes across as very professional. It features a
  green, almost unreadable Mekka Symposium logo down the lefthand side of
  the screen, with the rest devoted to the text. It uses a proportional
  font, which is quite readable despite its size. The routine also supports
  graphics, which facilitate the inclusion of maps of the area etc. Very
  professional, very focused, hardly going to set the demoscene on fire, but
  gives a very solid impression. Annoyingly, it doesn't ever really identify
  itself as a Padua productions, but the producers are Padua members.

  Mekka Symposium 2001 Invitation (2001, early, File).
  code: Ophis (intro), Hoogo, Anonym, gfx: Morris (intro), Cupid, music:
  "Setback" by Vip (intro), "Whitby" by Waz.
  review: Hey, for once an innovative invitation intro! =) For us
  nostalgics, the text-adventure approach was a real pleasant surprise. Nice
  one guys! =D Hehe. Ok, this invtro opens with a minimalist intro, with no
  real point to it, except to show that they can do those fractal triangle
  thingies. Ok, space pressed and we're into the invitation itself. The text
  adventure, whose goal is not really clear, actually seems to have a pretty
  ok parser. You can walk around the MS area, but the location descriptions
  are a little sparing, and it's easy to get lost. Anyway, the whole
  adventure thing can be bypassed for the invitation text by writing the
  words 'I Am A Lamer' into the game =] Along the right side of the screen
  is a Padua logo running down, and a slate of letters forming various words
  to the right of that. Nice to see some people trying to make an invitation
  intro just a little different. [glenn]

  Embryo (2001, 15.04, Demo).
  code: Lubber, gfx: Hi-Lite, music: n/a.
  2nd in the Mekka Symposium 2001 demo competition.

  Scene News Network (2002, Demo).
  code: Anonym, Cupid, gfx: Jailbird, music: n/a.
  info: The demo was reviewed in Domination #17.

  Breakpoint Invitation (2003, early, File).
  code: Lord Hypnos, gfx: Vip, music: Waz.
  review: Padua presents a functional single-file invitation to Breakpoint
  03, with some pretty ok graphics by Vip - who certainly has his own style.
  A greay textbox is overlaid on a fullscreen picture, and moves around as
  you press space to view the pages. The first textbox page is a nicely done
  b&w bp logo, by the way. The music is unremarkable. There's nothing much
  more to say, really... It works, it looks ok, it does the job. I even
  kinda like it a little ;) [glenn]