Palace (c64)

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Palace [c64]

FIN> !Cube (music, also in Trauma [pc], 11/97), Flotsam (music, 09/95-
     01/96), Rockstar (Juho, code crack, new 09/95).
???> 2ny (01/96), Ace (01/96), Arctic (01/96), B.P. (01/96), CounterAttack
     (01/96), Delta (01/96), Hoffi (01/96), Junkie (01/96), Kreator
     (01/96), Oca (01/96), Page (01/96), Pain (01/96), Undertaker (new

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 01/96) -

???> Genius (music, 08/94).

Palace is a finnish-based demo group.
  1995 - Wellknown cracker and fixer Rockstar (previously in groups like
Contex, Extacy and Talent) joined around september, and at the same time
Flotsam announced his return from his army service and to active duty for
the group.
  1996 - The Undertaker/Quartex [amiga] joined up in january.