Pandora (old)

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Pandora [old]

???> Attraction (08-09/93).

Pandora was a danish demo group, possibly born as early as 1989. They are
likely the same group that is now (late 2004) active on the pc appz scene,
judging by statements made in their recent nfo's.
  1993 - The people behind "The Pulse" magazine (Dr.Zivago and Duke) joined
in july, as did Idol/Dominators (who promptly joined the staff of said
magazine). The first issue for Pandora, issue #2, was released at the
beginning of august. The next issue came exactly a month later, and
announced the joining of two new members, graphician Sun Dancer from The
System (who contributed heavily to the issue) and swapper KBS from Nerds.
Now, the goddamn thing is my copy of issue #4 is corrupt, so I don't know
what happened, but by #5 everyone was in a new group, Regina. This means at
least Dr.Zivago, Duke, Idol, KBS, and Sun Dancer...

  The Pulse #2 (august) (1993, 02.08, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Dr.Zivago, gfx: Duke, music: Moz(ic)Art (intro), Jens Christian
  Huus/Vibrants (mag), editor: Duke (main), Psychobilly/Red Sector Inc,
  review: Unfortunately, I can not offer a full review of this diskmag since
  I can not get it to work properly through CCS64, perhaps it's my diskimage
  there's something wrong with, I don't know... So I can only tell you a few
  things from the one chapter I _CAN_ read without the mag crashing when I
  try to load something else =(
    This mag announced Dr.Zivago and Duke joining from Gridpoint, and Idol
  joining from Dominators. [glenn]

  The Pulse #3 (september) (1993, 01.09, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Dr. Zivago, gfx: Sun Dancer, music: The Syndrom/Crest/TIA, editor:
  Duke (main), Attraction, Psychobilly/RSI, Maduplec/Crest, Brego/RSI.
  review: Pulse has received a new outfit for its third issue. It's quite
  similar to the last one, in how it looks, but with one important new
  feature: The chapter menu is now to the right of the text, vertically.
  The control method has also changed, you now use the joystick where you
  previously used +/-, return and space. It loads new chapters quite
  snappily, but the loader is also very sensitive. Set your 1541 emulation
  to 'normal', not 'fast' in CCS64 guys! The contents of the mag this time
  is not very exciting, the only real article is the profile/interview on
  Jerry/Triad. We're anxiously awaiting the next issue's World of Demos
  column, though...
    The accompanying note corrects the music credits in the mag. Originally
  Drax/Vibrants had agreed to do the music, but never came through, so they
  had to use The Syndrom's tunes instead... [glenn]