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Paradize (PRZ, 1988-)

N-L> Adam (code, new 12/91-02/92), Dub-1 (code gfx, 12/91-02/92), Genius
     (gfx swap, 12/91-01/92), Hobbit (new 12/91-02/92), Moron (crack
     swap, 01/91-01/92), Reyn Ouwehand (music, new 02/92), Science (Lee
     Huang, swap, 01/92), Silco (Silco Huang, code gfx supply swap,
???> Anorganic (code, 12/91-01/92), Artix (gfx swap, 12/91-02/92), Cybex
     (swap, 12/91-02/92), Dennis (12/91- 01/92), Fox (code, new 02/92),
     State (code, new 02/92), Ventura (12/91-01/92).

Paradize was a dutch demo and cracking group, originally formed in 1988.
Adam was Dub-1's little brother.
   1991 - Predator left to help form he group Death in january. The group
entered the competition at the Silicon Winter Party in december with "Wet
Dreams 2", but came in second. They took the demo home and gave it a little
polish before releasing it early next year.
  1992 - February brought news of three new coders joining (Adam, State and
Fox), of great musician Reyn Ouwehand joining, and of Moron getting busted
by the police for computer crime and drugs. Silco changed his handle to
Angerix for a while, in order to avoid problems with the post office, but
later changed it back.
  1993 - Queen left for Legend in may.

  Wet Dreams 2 (1991, 22.12, Multiload Demo).
  code: Dennis, Anorganic, Adam, gfx: Silco, Dub-1, Genius, music: Geir and
  Released in cooperation with Moz(ic)Art.
  2nd in the Silicon Limited Winter Party 1991 demo competition.
  review: The demo opens with two intro screens; starting off great with
  some good group logos set to an awesome piece of music called
  "Famestyle", then the second intro has a wet dreams logo with 1-plane
  vector objects saying "2" spinning over it. The intro parts were coded by
  Anorganic and Adam (part1) and Dub One (part2) - all graphics by Silco.
  Pressing space takes us to the menu (which can also be loaded directly -
  code Dennis, graphics Silco), where the remaining 8 parts of the demo can
  be chosen. The parts are these; 1. Gameboy (simply a rendition of the game
  Tetris on the Nintendo Gameboy. Well executed. code Dennis, gfx Dub-1 and
  Silco, music Trond), 2. Chessboard (A goodlooking, zooming chessboard and
  some related effects. code Dennis, gfx Silco, music Geir), 3. Plasma (Very
  goodlooking plasma effect. code Anorganic, gfx Artix, music Geir), 4.
  Gargoyle (A large picture of a thoughtful Gargoyle and a small sine-
  scroller in the top left corner. code and picture Dub-1, chars and logo
  Silco, music Geir), 5. Greets (a simple, graphical greetingspart. code
  Dennis, picture Genius, chars and logo Silco, music Geir - reusing the
  great "Famestyle" from the intro), 6. Vector (Vector objects, code Adam,
  gfx Silco, music "Fictitious" by Geir), 7. Europe 1992 (Select your
  country, and it plots the route from it to the Netherlands :) code and
  graphics Dub-1), and finally 8. Credits (code Dub-1, gfx Silco).
    The demo's name is spellt with roman numerals (II) in the disk's
  directory structure, but with a regular number 2 in the demo itself, so on
  those grounds I have chosen adopt the latter as the demo's official name.
  Moz(ic)Art made all the music for the demo, and are given a co-creator
  credit. Though the demo was made for and shown at the Silicon Party, the
  group put some finishing touches on it before really releasing it to the
  public, in early 1992. The credits part mixes up the order of the parts,
  switching part 5 and 6, respectively. The demo spans two disksides. All
  parts can be loaded individually. The menu file is included on both
  disksides. There is additionally a 65-block note included on the second
  diskside, code and graphics by Silco, music by Trond. [glenn]

  Hard Target (1993, early, Demo).
  code/gfx: Silco, music: various.
  info: 69% in Fairlight's "Reformation #2". The demo contains 6 parts.