Paragon (group)

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SWE> Hellraiser (crack, 12/90), Poseidon (Levon Saldamli, code crack,
     12/90), Razor (B. Gislason, gfx swap, ex Oneway, new 03/90).
???> Epsilon (swe? Javier Davila, code, ex Flash Inc., new 03/90),
     Maximillian (new late89), Modesty (new late89), Poupin (new late89).

Paragon was a swedish demo group.
  1989 - Junior, Hilux and Delta were all kicked late in the year after
allegations from the scene of ripping. At the same time they were reinforced
with Poupin, Modesty and Maximillian.
  1990 - Paragon joined from Flash Inc., Razor from Oneway and Scorpio from
Zone 45 in march, though Scorpio returned to Zone 45 after a short while.
Swedish swapper Walker joined from Warrant around june, and was busted on
the 14th of september for illegal swapping: this was the first ever bust in
  1991 - Jerker left the scene around april due to his military service.
Uncle X left for Hotline in December.
  1992 - Hellraiser (crack, 12/90) joined Cascada on the pc mid 92.