Paramount (new)

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Paramount [new] (PMT, 1993-1993)

GER> Lynx (Joerg Kosicki, ex Hitmen, crack swap).
???> D.R.I (swap), Exhibit (swap), Hunter (lead crack modem), Spitfire
     (crack modem), Syndicate (code).

Paramount was rebuilt on january 1st 1993 by Hunter/Talent, Syndicate,
Spitfire and Dynasty. The group was extremely shortlived, and died after
only a few weeks of existence. Their death was mostly due to a supposed
copy party being arranged by Hunter, which proved to be nothing but a joke.
The members of his group, who had travelled far to attend, did not see the
humour. Read the articles about this incident in Fairlight's "Reformation
#2" [05/93] and "Reformation #4" [07/93].
  1993 - Bigfoot joined from Excess in january, and several first releases
were made. Slayer left for the Amiga scene early this year. Lynx/Hitmen was
recruited as a cracker around february. At this time things started to get
sour, as Bigfoot let several bad members join, and as a consequence Spitire
and Syndicate left the group after just over 1 month of membershop. Co-
leader, cracker and modem trader Bigfoot left the scene, while Knobby
(trade) left for Excess in may. Cracker, modemtrader and main organizer
Hunter rejoined Talent around june, and thus the group was 100% dead.