Paramount (old)

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Paramount [old] (PMT, -1991)

GER> Airwolf (Norman Schnitzer, swap, ex Action, new 01/91), MCL (supply,
     89), PD (gfx swap, 02/90).
???> Breaker (code, 09/89), Domino (90), Dr.Death (ger? new 09/89), Fanatic
     (crack, 12/90), Gorilla (ex Sire, new 08/90), Jinx (crack, late90),
     Magic Circle (new 09/89), Mr.Stack (ex Abyss, new 12/89), Parallax
     (crack, late90), Phantom (ger?, 89), Sky'n'Ass (ex Alpha Flight 1970,
     new 08/90), Stefan (ex Duplex, new 05/89), Steve (ger? 89), TC (ger?
     89), Thage (code), Tom Taylor (ex Alpha Flight 1970, new 08/90),
     Violator (ex Tristar, new 12/90), Whitcher (ger? 89).

Boards; BOOT CAMP (usa, 90), MAD MAD WORLD (usa, 90).

Paramount are a German cracking group. They used to be in importing
partnership with Random. Rick (90) left the scene at some point, but
returned to the scene in Alpha Flight 1970 around january 1996.
  1989 - Stefan joined from Duplex, while Morris was kicked out around
september. That same month also Joe Cool, Magic Circle and Dr.Death joined
the group, and Breaker was caught by the police. He decided to stop all
illegal activities, and instead concentrate on coding a game. Parabound left
for Rough Trade Inc., while Toad and Mr.Stal joined from Abyss in december.
  1990 - Expert was kicked out, while Hybrid left for Hurricane around
february. Toad (ex Abyss, new 12/89) left for the reborn Fusion early this
year. Sky'n'Ass and Tom Taylor/Alpha Flight 1970, Gorilla/Sire and
Wildstyle/Vision all joined around august. Sting (crack) was busted in
september, but continued in the group. Twist joined from Conflict around
september, and released an issue of the diskmag "Coocooc" under that label.
However, due to conflicts with the original editor (Roy), he was not allowed
to continue the mag. Twist then left for Hitmen in december.
  1991 - January saw Jack Daniels and 3DK leave the group for Genesis
Project, taking the mag "Corruption" with them, and Airwolf (swap) joining
from Action. Scratcher (code, 89) was kicked around february. The board
WARES DOMINE went to Triad sometime in the first few months of the year. The
group was then dealt a fatal blow when their most active crackers, germans
Sting (89-) and Maniac (89-) took Joe Cool (89-) with them and departed for
the Ikari + Talent cooperation in late march or early april. Former member
Wildstyle then recruited Tyger, Brego, Godzilla and Crockett for his newly
formed c64 section of TRSI, and thus the group was dead. :(

  The Real Demo (Demo).
  info: Voted demo of the month in "Relax #1".

  Corruption #8 (1990 late?, Diskmag).
  review: This was the last issue released under the Paramount label;
  subsequent ones were released by Genesis Project.