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The homepage for their diskmag is
Former european section of Bad Bytes Entertainment Software, Phuture from
Relax #12.

  Relax #11 (1995, .07, Diskmag).
  info: Some controversy was caused over RRR's title picture, which some
  individuals claimed was a converted copy of SEQ/TRSI's "Farfunda" on the
  amiga. It was in fact hand-pixeled on the c64, as explained in the
  following issue's editorial, but BASED on that picture.

  Relax september edition [#12] (1995, 30.09, Diskmag).
  code: Fuben/Oxyron, gfx: RRR/Oxyron (main), Skid Row/ex Alpha Flight 1970
  (charset), music: Pri/Oxyron, editors: Marc/Alpha Flight 1970 (main1),
  Max/Alpha Flight 1970 (main2), RRR/Oxyron (main3), Deff/Avantgarde, Fuben/
  Oxyron, Pri/TIA/Oxyron, Scroll/Megastyle Productions.
  review: Make no mistake, Relax is an extremely attractive magazine. It
  benefits greatly from the pixling talents of RRR, as well as from the
  coding talents of Fuben. It all comes together in a mag that looks damn
  good, from intro to menu outfit. The overall design of the mag -
  graphically and userfriendly-wise - is also extremely good. There is
  simply VERY hard to make a mistake with a layout this clean and clear-cut.
  Just perfect :) If this sounds like I'm laying a lot of praise on the
  audio-visual aspects of this mag, then that's because I do! ;)
    The main reading screen is slightly less visually striking, being
  actually text-only. Having said that, Relax has used a very readable,
  excellent proportional font, stretching the entire length of the screen
  from left to right. Various minor graphical effects (rulers, bullets and
  the like) help keep things organized, and the entire read is smoothly
  scrolled vertically by using the joystick for an enjoyable and relaxing
    Another thing that puts this mag above the rest is how extremely well-
  written it is. We've been used to accepting some dodgy english from
  diskmags in the past, but this mag is certainly a cut above the rest in
  this respect. This issues editorial content includes the usual news (rrr),
  release charts (marc, deff), board charts (marc, rrr), mail charts (rrr),
  interview with Duke/ex Regina (rrr), Back to the Roots (rrr), Demo Reviews
  (Byterapers "Extremes", Beyond Force "7 Years" - scroll, fuben, pri, rrr),
  Open Letter and finally advertisements. In fact, I feel this issue has
  struck a pretty perfect nerve of how much reading material a regular mag
  like this should contain. Not too much, not too little.
    Though Max and Marc are the two ranking editors in the credits, there is
  little doubt that this is entirely RRR's mag. He made the look, and he
  wrote (or co-wrote) most of the articles. This was Deff's last issue as a
  regular editor, as he secured a new job at the record company DMG Ariola,
  and was forced to move to Berlin. [glenn]

  Relax #13 (1995, 20.11, Diskmag).
  info: Proposed release date.

  Relax #14 (1995, 31.12, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Fuben/Oxyron, gfx: RRR/Oxyron, Skid Row/ex AFL (charset), music:
  Angee/Therapy, Arne/AFL'70, editors: Marc/AFL'70, Max/AFL'70, RRR/Oxyron.
  info: Intro counts down to new year, then starts fireworks. Good music and
  excellent font in the intro. Also great mag music.

  Relax february edition [#15] (1996, 25.02, Multifile Diskmag).
  INT - code: n/a, gfx: rrr/Oxyron, music: Zardax/Origo Dreamline.
  MAG - code: Fuben/Oxyron, gfx: rrr/Oxyron, Skid Row/Alpha Flight 1970
        (charset), music: "Retrograd" by Zardax/Origo Dreamline, editor:
  review: Another graphically stunning intro opens the 15th edition of
  Relax; rrr once again proves he is one of the very best artists working in
  the scene today. The background picture for the textplotter in the intro
  is rendition of a fantasy picture, possibly (but don't hold me to this)
  originally done by Boris Vallejo - of three women posing, almost as trees,
  with some actual trees in the background. Amiga artist Archmage/Andromeda
  won The Gathering 93 graphics competition with a rendition of this same
  image ;)
    The mag itself still looks smashing, and carries its clean design from
  earlier editions. The logo used for the menu this time is another great
  one from rrr. Little or nothing appears to have changed in the code since
  the last reviewed issue (#12). Editorially, apart from the usual news and
  charts, we can read an in-depth and interesting interview with Metal/
  Vibrants, as well as reviews of some recent demos. A good issue, though
  perhaps not an outstanding one. [glenn]

  Relax #23 Winter 98 (1998, 01.02, Diskmag).
  editors: Marc/AFL, RRR/Oxyron, Violator/AFL.

  Relax #24 spring 98 (1998, 13.05, Diskmag).