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Plush (+H,

GER> Cosowi (Enno Coners, music, 12/94-04/97), Fanta (Alexander Rotzsch,
     music, also in Bass, later Oxyron, 12/94-01/95), Krill (Gunnar
     Ruthenberg, code, 04/00-02/04).
???> Caprice Design (gfx swap, 12/94-04/00), Dow Jones (code swap, 12/94),
     Honk (swap, 12/94), Map (mainorg code swap, 12/94), Mip (gfx, 12/94),
     Seba (gfx, 12/94), Tecmo (code, 12/94).

Plush is a german demo group, who has also recently started doing a few pc
  2003 - Krill contributed some additional programming to the release of
Onslaught and Wrath Designs' diskmag "Vandalism News #40 - Ruby Edition".

  Plushworld (1996, 07.04, Demo).
  4th in the Symposium 96 demo competition.

  +H4K (2000, 23.04, 4k Intro).
  production: Krill, Caprice, Fanta.
  Winner of the Mekka Symposium 2000 4k intro competition!