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BEL> Axe (swap, early91), Budgi (swap, 01/91), Commander (Serge Engelen,
     org code, aka CMR, 12/93-02/04), Mendrake (swap, new 01/91),
     Stormbringer (swap, ex WOW, new early93).
N-L> Scorelord (swap, early91).
AUS> Witty (swap, 07/90).
ENG> Merman (Andrew Fisher, swap, also in People of Liberty, 11/02).
CAN> Bold Eagle (old handle Black Eagle, 01/91).
???> Ashkan (gfx, new 03/03), Bugjam (gfx, 03/97), Gazza (91), Ice-T
     (code), Intensity (gfx music, also in Cosine and Onslaught, 03/03),
     Sidder (music, also in MultiStyle Labs, 10/03), Starfighter (editor
     swap, 12/02-03/03), Vip (gfx music, also in WOW [details] and Padua,

Boards; UNDERGROUND ASYLUM (01/91), STATE OF MIND (01/91).

Raiders of the Lost Empire (ROLE) is based in Belgium, and publish the
diskmag 'Rock'n'Role'.
  1990 - Slasher left for Turtles [no entry] in december.
  1991 - January saw Troopy kicked and MAX IMPACT (usa) as the group's new
WHQ board. Black Hawk changed his handle to Bold Eagle, and Belgian Mendrake
joined, all around january.
  2002 - Starfighter returned to the scene and to role in December.
  2003 - Ashkan (gfx) joined in the early months, as did Intensity after a
number of years away from the group. He is also in Cosine and Onslaught.

  Rock'n'Role #20 (1996, .01, Diskmag).

  Rock'n'Role #27 (2002, .12, Diskmag).

  Rock'n'Role #28 (2002, .12, Diskmag).

  Rock'n'Role #29 (2003, Diskmag).

  Rock'n'Role #30 (2003, Diskmag).

  Arachnophobia #31 (Diskmag).
  Released in cooperation with Spiders-Crew [details].

  Rock'n'Role #31 (Diskmag).
  info: Output by Cactus/Oxyron, editor of "Attitude".