Raw Deal Inc

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Raw Deal Inc. (RDI)

NOR> Aztec (code swap, ex Rawhead, new 03/89), Bit Buster (code music, ex
     Rawhead, new 03-06/89), Deadline (code gfx swap, ex Rawhead, new
     03/89), Jørn (org), Kent (org gfx, 02-06/89), Newton (code gfx swap,
     ex Rawhead, new 03-06/89), Pink Panther, Zaphod (06/89).
SWE> Razor.

RDI was a Norwegian cracker group originally, but also became good demo
coders in the beginning of 1989, when they recruited four coders from the
old demo group Rawhead.
  1987 - Norwegians Laffen (crack, 10/87-) and Geir left to form The Deadly
Friends in december.
  1990 - Swedish Chevignon (Tomas) was kicked early in the year.