Red Sector Inc (new)

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Red Sector Inc [new] (RSI)

GER> Brego (08-09/93), Count Zero (crack, ex X-Rated, later SCS-TRC, new
     early-11/93), Darklord (ex Arcade, new early93), Ikarus (early93),
     Irata (supply, 11/93), Mister President (code, 11/93), Psychobilly
???> Crisp (crack, ex Action, new 08/93), Double-T (code crack, 92), Hok
     (crack, ex Action, new 08/93), Scat (gfx, 12/93), TBB (swap, later
     Talent, new 10/93), The Secret Man (supply, 92), TNM (cardhacker, new

Boards; FORPLAY (usa, 92-11/93), THE CAPITOL EHQ (10/93), THE RED BBS (new

Red Sector was a german cracking group.
  1993 - Aslive left early this year, and is now only in Genesis Project and
Flash Inc. Icarus left for Alpha Flight in may, only to leave the scene a
few days later. TNM (cardhacker) joined in may. Former Action crackers Hok
and Crisp returned to the scene in august, under the wings of RSI! Another
ex-Arcade member, swapper TBB, joined up in october. Other happenings in
october included the EHQ changing its name from GODLAND to THE CAPITOL,
a new board called THE RED BBS joining, graphician Silver/WOW joining and
finally german Dense (supplier and editor of the papermag "Bullet Proof")
getting kicked out of the group for laziness. Crisp and Hok (both previously
in Action) returned to the scene in august, and joined RSI!