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DEN> Dr.Zivago (Allan Hylke, code, 11/93), Duke (Alex Hylke, editor,
     11/93-06/94), Idol (Rene G. Larsen, swap, 11/93), KBS (Kim Berg
     Sorensen, swap, 11/93-09/94), Steve (code, 11/93), Sun Dancer (Kim
     Kristensen, gfx, 11-12/93).
NOR> Shark (music, also in Blues Muz', 12/93-94).
HUN> Mercury (Biro Szabolcs, gfx, ex Lethargy, new 05/94).

Boards; POWERSURGE WHQ (usa), GATEWAY EHQ (den).

Regina is a demo group based in Denmark.
  1993 - Dr.Zivago, Duke, Sun Dancer, KBS and Idol joined from Pandora with
the mag "The Pulse".
  1994 - Hungarian graphician Mercury was recruited in may, just prior to
the release of "Pulse #12" on the 1st of june.

  The Pulse #5 (1993, 01.11, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Dr.Zivago, gfx: Sun Dancer, music: Shark, editor: Duke (main),
  Psychobilly/Red Sector Inc., Crossfire/Epic, Steve/Regina, Sun
  Dancer/Regina, Splatterhead/Alpha Flight, KBS/Regina.
  review: No intro for this one, but the rest is the same as in previous
  issues. No big news about the the mag this month, except that Splatterhead
  replaces Brego/RSI on the staff. Apart from the usual news and charts,
  Suzieuzi/Illusion's board THE INTERSECTION gets profiled in the board
  section, as does Cruzer/Camelot in the demo section. No big new demo
  releases to review, as everyone was likely saving their best for the
  upcoming The Party 93.
    The accompanying note was done in Facenoter 0.1, and features music by
  Metal. [glenn]

  The Pulse #12 (1994, 01.06, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Dr.Zivago, Iceball/Motiv8 (loader), gfx: Mercury (intro),
  Kring/Camelot (main), music: Drax/Vibrants, editor: Duke.
  review: A rather nice mag, written interestingly and intelligently, nice
  and stable but without a real 'WOW' effect. Wellwritten. [glenn]