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Remember (REM, 1997-,

GER> Hok (crack supply, 02/97-06/03), Jack Alien (code crack, 07/97-06/03).
ENG> Derbyshire Ram (crack supply swap, also in Alpha Flight 1970, new
SWE> Icon (Mikael Johansson, code supply webmaster, new 09/02-06/03).
???> Fatman (supply swap, also in Dytec, new 11/97-06/03), Intruder (swap,
     also in F4CG, 08/97-06/03).


GER> Thorn (code crack gfx supply, ex Avantgarde, new 07/98-01/99).
USA> Fungus (crack fix, later Nostalgia, new 12/98-09/99).
???> L'Trimm (Pascal, code crack supply gfx, new 10/98-09/99), Manik
     (supply swap, ex Laxity, new 07/98-01/99), Walker (swap supply,

Remember is a german-based cracking group, dedicated to releasing old games
in new, 'definitive' versions. They were formed in early (likely january or
february) 1997 by Jack Alien and Hok. Their homepage is called 'Immortal
Antiques'. They are by far the most successful retro-group, at least in
terms of releases; they passed 300 in 2002. Fungus is no longer a member; He
is now in Nostalgia and Creators.
  1997 - Intruder, JA and Hok were only three members in august. The group
started promoting the german bbs THE DRAGON'S TOWER in their intros in
september and october, then the advertising stopped. A fourth member was
admitted in october, when English supplier Derbyshire Ram (also in F4CG)
joined. The group was further strengthened during the final days of
november, when Dodger and Fatman joined from Dytec. Derbyshire Ram changed
his second group in november of december, from F4CG to Alpha Flight 1970.
Derbyshire Ram, who had previously only supplied originals for the group,
contributed his first crack in december. Fatman also started contributing
originals in december.
  1998 - Dodger debuted with his first crack for the group in january, but
then seemingly disappeared - from view and from the memberlist. Manik
joined from Laxity and Thorn joined from Avantgarde in july, and Thorn
debuted with his first crack for the group in august. The first ever
Remember meeting was arranged on sunday, the 30th of august. L'Trimm appears
to have been added to the memberlist in september, without any additional
announcement that I noticed. Another new advent in september was the first
announcement of their homepage "Immortal Antiques", with release #136,
"Leviathan". L'Trimm's joining was announced in october. Another member was
recruited in december; american cracker and fixer Fungus.
  1999 - Fungus debuted as cracker for the group in january. Thorn and Manik
disappeared from the memberlist some time between january and march this
year, while Walker appeared sometime between march and april.
  2002 - Swedish Icon joined in september, and will be hosting the Remember
website and supply games for the group.