Remembers, The

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Remembers, The (TR)

SWE> Zyron (Johan Åstrand, code music swap, also in Antic and Swemix,
AUT> Maverick (Reinhard Franz, swap, 12/94-01/95), Mr.Alpha (Mario Berghold,
     code, also in F4CG, 12/94).
???> Bungalow (12/94), Harzak (gfx, also in Antic, 12/94), H-Bloxx (12/94).

The Remembers later became the group Nostalgia.

  Sidburners #1 (1994, 28.12, Musiccollection).
  code: Zyron, gfx: Zyron (intro), Harzak (collection), music: David
  Whittaker (intro), various (main). Released at The Party 1994.
  review: In their own words; "A collection of 60 golden 64 songs - all
  relocated at $1000, with init at $1000 and play at $1003." Everything was
  ripped and relocated by Zyron and Mr.Alpha. Presentation-wise this is
  nothing too extraordinary, and coding-wise it's not much either. But for
  sheer nostalgia, it rules ;] Nothing to impress your friends with, but for
  a trip down memory lane this offers a great collection of classic sids.
    I have used some codes to diffrentiate the rippers and the number of
  subtunes in each rip; MA = Mr.Alpha, ZY = Zyron. Clear? Goodie ;] The
  tunes ripped and relocated this time are; "Ace II" by Rob Hubbard (MA),
  "Armalyte" by Martin Walker (MA), "Aztec Challenge" by Paul Norman
  (ZY+MA), "Barrys Boxing" by John A. Fitzpatrick (ZY), "Battle of Britain"
  by Rob Hubbard (ZY+MA), "Bazooka Bill" by Greg Holland (ZY), "Beer Tapper"
  by unkown (ZY), "Blue Max" by Stephen C. Biggs (ZY+MA), "Breakdance" by
  unknown (ZY), "Bump Set Spike" by Rob Hubbard (ZY+MA), "Burger Time" by
  Chris Cox (ZY), "Charles" by Charles Deenen/Maniacs of Noise (??), "Cobra"
  by Ben Daglish (MA), "Commando" by Rob Hubbard (MA+ZY), "Cybernoid I" by
  Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise" (MA), "Cybernoid II" by Jeroen Tel,
  "Draconus" by Adam Gilmore (MA), "Dreamzak" by unknown (MA, from an old
  Lukullus demo), "Escape From New York" by unknown (MA), "Falcon Patrol II"
  by unknown (ZY), "Fame On The Run" by Holly/F.A.M.E. (MA), "Fist II" by
  Greg Holland (ZY), "Gerry The Germ" by Rob Hubbard (MA, aka Fruitmix),
  "Ghettoblaster" by unknown (ZY), "Hunter's Moon" by Matt Gray (ZY+MA), "I-
  Ball" by Rob Hubbard (ZY), "IK+" by Rob Hubbard (MA), "Irisis" by Rob
  Hubbard (MA), "Iron Lord" by Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise (MA), "Last Ninja
  1:1" by Ben Daglish (MA), "Last Ninja 1:2" by Ben Daglish (MA), "Last
  Ninja 1:3" by Ben Daglish (MA), "Lightforce" by Rob Hubbard (MA), "M.O.N.-
  tune" by Maniacs of Noise (MA), "Mario Bros" by Fred Gray (ZY+MA),
  "Masters of Magic" by Rob Hubbard (ZY), "Morpheus" by Rob Hubbard (MA,
  ripped from Beyond Force's Morpheus demo), "Nemesis The Warlock" by Rob
  Hubbard (MA), "Old Melody" by Rob Hubbard (MA), "Omega-Writer" by unknown
  (MA), "Rasputin" by Rob Hubbard (ZY+MA), "Red-Tune" by Red/Judges (MA),
  "Robin Hood" by unknown (MA), "Rocky Horror Show" by unknown (ZY), "Sabre
  Wulf" by unknown (ZY), "Shadow Skimmer" by Neil Baldwin (MA), "Shadowfire"
  by Fred Gray (ZY+MA), "Spellbound" by Rob Hubbard (ZY+MA), "Spy vs Spy
  III" by unknown (ZY), "Star Soldier" by unknown (ZY), "Starquake" by
  unknown (ZY), "Strikeforce" by Diflex/Level 99 Industries (MA), "Super
  Pipeline" by unknown (ZY), "Thing On A Spring" by Rob Hubbard (MA),
  "Unknown" by Rob Hubbard (MA), "Usagi Yojimbo" by Greg Holland (ZY),
  "Warhawk" by Rob Hubbard (ZY+MA), "Western" by Rob Hubbard (crashes
  display), "Wonderboy" by unknown (ZY) and "Zoids" by Rob Hubbard (MA).