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Royalty (-1990)

SWE> Probe (crack, later Ruthless).
???> Acty (90).

Royalty was a swedish cracking and demo group.
  1990 - The group released a demo for the competition and at least one
crack at the Swedish Elite Easter Conference in april. Goldie (12/89-),
King Fisher (12/89-), TDM, Hero (12/89-) and possibly some others left to
rebuild Rebels around may with Watchman and Dynamite from Triad. Alfatech
likely took over leadership of Royalty after this. TGD contributed two tunes
to the release of Antic's "Explorer #2" [06/90] in june, and P.Jay was a co-
editor on the same mag. Rainman contributed logos to both "Explorer #2" and
"Explorer #3" [07/90]. Royalty then died around july! Grapple, Alfatech,
I-man, Rainman and Iznogoud all joined Ruthless, TGD changed handle to Orb
and joined Flash Inc. Motley was kicked and is groupless. Swedish swapper
P.Jay (05/90) also remains groupless, and is looking for a new group.