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Rule3 (R3)

POL> Warlock (code, triplememb WOW and Schn+Exon, 04/98).

  Cyberdrome (1998, 26.04, File).
  code: Warlock, gfx: Flash/Reflex and Schn+Exon (textures), Astaroth/Agony
  (pic), music: "No Good" by Praiser/Reflex.
  3rd in the Rush Hours 98 demo competition.
  review: Made just to fit some visuals to the music (a cover of The
  Prodigy's "No Good"), this group's first dentro is of limited interest
  only. It's mostly presented in 4x4 resolution with some uninspiring
  effects being performed, like waving the 'pixels'.
    The one-part dentro opens with the option to view a note (code:
  Morris/Agony, gfx: Warlock (font), music: Dr.Voice/Panic (done in 1995, so
  it was probably ripped). If the spacebar isn't pressed in three seconds it
  moves on to the dentro itself. [glenn]