Ruling Company, The

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Ruling Company, The (TRC)

N-L> Action Jackson (Marcel Goedhard, edit swap, aka AJ, 10/89-06/93), CBA
     (swap, 07/90-08/95), Defbeat (code music, 03/90-01/91).
GER> Cevin (Markus, swap, 02/92), Don Promillo (01/91).
HOL> Macmagix (Reyn Ouwehand, music, also in Maniacs of Noise, 01/90).
ENG> Xenon (Lee Jones, 01/91).
???> Rad (ex Hitmen, new 05/93), Rebel MC (gfx, aka RMC, 01/91), Seal (ex
     Hotline, new late89), Trax (gfx, ex Actual Trading Generation, 03/90),
     Trooper (new 10/93).

Boards; VIRTUAL REALITY WHQ (usa, new 05/93).

  1989 - Seal joined from Hotline towards the end of the year. The two danes
Trap and Sonny (who apparently edits a mag) left for Success at the
Christmas Party 89 in december.
  1990 - DPL joined around february. Trax cvontributed graphics to ATG's
"Corruption #1" [03/90].
  1991 - January saw Choq selling his machine and leaving the scene, as well
as the release of the tenth issue of "Frontpage" at that month's Venlo
  1992 - The groups new hq is INNER CIRCLES, after they dropped POWER SURGE
around february.
  1993 - Cavron joined from Nirvana, while Rad joined from Hitmen in may.
Hellraiser returned to the scene and TRC in may, but quickly changed his
handle to Primus and left for Mayhem. Cavron opened his board under the name
ENDLESS PIRACY (later changed, see below). VIRTUAL REALITY was recruited
as the new WHQ. After the death of GALAXY HIGH, the group recruited IN
LIVING COLOR as a new bbs around june. Renegade joined from Legacy as his
army service was completed. Ironcat (music) left the scene in october, due
to his army service duties. Trooper joined the group and Code 18 and the
entire german section got kicked in the same month. The germans (Jack Alien,
Cavron (sysop STATE OF THE ART, ex Nirvana), Dr.Disk and Renegade)
subsequently joined Atlantis.

  Junkfood (1990, Demo).

  Frontpage #10 (1991, 26.01, Filemag).
  code: Defbeat, gfx: Rebel MC, music: Hithouse, editor: Action Jackson.
  Released at the Venlo Meeting.
  review: We're stretching the envelope reeeeeeeally long when we call this
  a mag, but that's what TRC is calling it, so... It's really a nicely
  designed wraparound for what is precious little text. The 'mag' part is
  just 5 lines of text in the middle of the screen, with the main attraction
  for the demo freak here the lush audio-visuals...unusually colorful for
  its time. There's not much text, just news and a few movie reviews (keep
  in mind that VHS pirate copies of new films were as big as software piracy
  back then - though possibly not quite as large as internet movie piracy is
  now ;]). [glenn]