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Ruthless (1990-1991)

HOL> Bill (swap, 12/90), Curse (swap, 07/90), Peter (Peter Venkmann, swap,
SWE> Grapple (swap, ex Royalty, new 07/90), I-man (Mathias Andersson, swap,
     ex Royalty, new 07/90), Inxs (Roger Eriksson, swap, 09/90), Probe
     (crack, new early91).
???> Dopeman (new 07/90), Alfatech (swe?, ex Royalty, new 07/90), Rainman
     (swe?, gfx, ex Royalty, new 07/90) and Iznogoud (swe?, ex Royalty, new

Ruthless was born in july of 1990, and is a cracker group based in Holland.
They were built by previous members of Manowar (5), ATG (2), TRC (2),
Capitol (5) and Nuclear.
  1990 - Cracker Ghost left for Fairlight around july. Grapple, Alfatech,
Iman, Rainman and Iznogoud all joined after the death of Royalty in july.
Dopeman also joined around july. Derse left for Hitmen, while Brego left for
Bronx in december. The group arranged a copyparty in Utrecht, Holland just
before christmas.
  1991 - They apparently kicked all their german members in january! Swedish
cracker Probe (ex Royalty, Triumph and Omega) joined early in the year, so
there is 6 members in the swedish section now. Ruthless finally died in
april, and almost all members joined Hitmen.

  Mc Jenny (1990, Demo).