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Samar (SMR)

POL> Aristo (Muriusz Zeleski I., swap, 11/02-03/03), Centrax (Damian
     Stupien, swap, also in Phantasy, 08/96-03/03), Ramos (Mariusz
     Rozwadowski, swap, 08/96-03/03).
N-L> JSL (Johan Janssen, gfx swap, 11/02-03/03).
GRE> Alias Medron (gfx, also in Padua, 03-07/03).
???> Alg (10/03), Bzyk (03/03), Isildur (03/03), Ivan (music, 03/03),
     Jammer (gfx music, also in MSL and Exon, 04/03-02/04), MacArthur
     (03/03), Phobos (gfx, 03-04/03), Raf (code, 03/03), Risk0 (gfx,
     03/03), Viper (03/03).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 03/03) -

POL> Azgar (Marcin Pilarz, swap, 11/02), Gold Hand (Tukasz Kmiecik, code,
     08/96), Hardcore (Romek Witek, swap, 08/96).
???> Levi (gfx, 08/96), Nylu (gfx, 08/96), Scarab (gfx, 04/03), Timix (gfx,
     08/96), Valsary (gfx, 08/96).

Samar is a polish-based demo group.
  1995 - Praiser, Zeor and Scarlet left early this year. Zeor (code) formed
his own one-man group, Free Man Laboratories, while Praiser (music) and
Scarlet (code music) both joined Galicya.
  2003 - JSL ended his double membership in Civitas early this year. Ivan
(music), Risk0 (gfx) and Raf (tool coder) were recruited. Fonts from Phobos
and Scarab, and music from Jammer was used in Oxyron's "Attitude #5"

  Extasy (1996, 30.08, Demo).
  code: Gold Hand, gfx: Valsary (logos, textures), Timix (first ifli pic),
  Nylu (2nd ifli pic, fonts), Levi (fonts), music: DAF.
  Winner of the Intel Outside 3 demo competition!
  review: "Extasy" is a demo with advanced effects, that suffers heavily
  from a general lack of design. It's a case of black backgrounds, no fade-
  ins between effects and an awful pling-plong soundtrack. This demo is best
  viewed on the strength of its code, and it does have a few things to show
  for itself in this respect. The initially most impressive part must surely
  be the shadowcasting SMR logo with moving lightsource; a real impressive
  feat on a c64! There are a lot of other effects too, and we will list just
  a few here: fast dotballss, wireframe and solid vectors, fullscreen
  plasma, graphics zoomer, and of all things, a rubber wireframe vector!
  The first c64 rubber? :) There are two fullscreen pictures in the ifli
  format, one by Timix and one by Nylu. Of the two, Timix' one is certainly
  the best. It appears to have been copied from the same source as R.W.O/
  Kefrens' [amiga] "WomSnake", winner of The Party 92 graphics competition.
  Neither of the two artists were in the result list for the c64 graphics
  competitions at IO, so this demo is likely the only place to see these
  pics. The demo appears to be actually trackloaded, not with files as in
  most other demos, and requires a *backup* of the disk to work.
    There is an accompanying note, repeating the credits, quoting addresses
  and discussing upcoming releases. It was coded by Morris/Agony, with a
  font by Valsary/Samar and an old tune by Drax/Conic/Vibrants from 1991.

  SID Victory 2 (2003, .02, Music).

  Scarlet Music Coll. 2 (2003, .02, Music).