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Scallop (SCL,

FIN> Agemixer (Ari Yliaho, code gfx music, later Skalaria, 11/97-08/99),
     Brite-Lite (code gfx music, also in Dekadence [details], 08/99), !Cube
     (code gfx music, also in Trauma [pc], 08/99), Flex (gfx music, also in
     Artline Design, 08/99), Roostah (gfx, 08/99), Subjik (gfx, 08/99),
     Wisec (swap, 08/99).

Scallop is a finnish demo group.
  1998 - Agemixer contributed two tunes to Panic's winning demo "Speedway
2" [08/98] at the Assembly 98 in august.

  J.A.Q (1999, 17.08, Demo).
  code: Agemixer, Brite-Lite, gfx: Agemixer, Roostah, music: Agemixer.
  2nd in the Assembly 99 demo competition.
  info: Third ever Scallop demo, features Agemixer's picture from the asm99
  graphics competition, "I Can't Fly". Not terribly great :)