Science 451 (c64)

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Science 451 (S451, 1987-,

SWE> Akay (gfx, ex Triad, new 05/91), Bilbo (crack, 02-07/88), Dirty C
     (Marcus Li, swap, early91), Euzkera (Janne, ex Censor, new early91),
     Galleon (new 12/87-02/88), Gaunt (Tomas Danko, crack music, later
     Censor, 02-07/88), Hightech (gfx, 02/88), Judge (code, 02/88), Karl
     XII (02/88), Master Jam (swap, 11/89-11/90), Midnight Mover (sysop
     ILLUSION OF REALITY, ex Omega, later Genetix, new 03/91), Odin (Johan
     Rung, code, 09/88-11/90), Pimpernell (Andreas Gradman, swap sysop
     TERMINAL STATE, ex Triad, new 04/91), Redstar (gfx, 09/88), Rygar
     (02/88-05/89), Skywize (gfx, ex Triad, new 05/91), Spirit (C.
     Bernhardt, code, 09/88-05/89), Syncro (02/88), TRB (crack, 07/88).
???> Scorpio (ex Akrak, new 07/90), The Gnome (crack, new early91), The
     Leader (swe? 02/88), Tracker (music).

Science 451 was a swedish-based demo and cracking group, formed late 1987,
as a fusion of three other group. The original members were Rygar/Vortex 42,
Bilbo/Vortex 42, Blade/Vortex 42 (later Hightech), Judge/Vortex 42,
Radius/Vortex 42, H.O./The Warlocks, Glerc/The Warlocks, Karl XII/Alpha
Range 89, The Leader/Alpha Range 89 and finally Iron/Alpha Range 89. The
group's first production was a demo released at the Triad and Fairlight
copy-party in december of that year. It was also there that the decision to
kick Radius and Iron and to accept Galleon/The Warlocks as a new member was
made. Some information extracted from the homepage above.
  1988 - Swedes Gaunt and Syncro joined from Shadi Studios in the early
months of this year, as did norwegian The Bright Lion and dutchman Captain
Rock/Beatless. At the Agile party in may, the group made its last appearance
before splitting. A demo released at the party announced the split, which
meant most member left to form a new group called Sphinx. The members that
DID stay were Rygar, Bilbo, H.O and Glerc. "Glerc's Demo" [07/88] was
released at the Jewels, Danish Gold, Dominators and Upfront party in july.
A new german member, Fancy, also joined around this time. He also eventually
brought along a friend, Moskwa TV/Trans-X, who was a member for a short
while. Rumours about Moskwa TV's recracking was a little too evident, so he
was kicked after just a few weeks. New swedish members Spirit (code gfx) and
Odin (code) were recruited in september. Towards the end of the year, Injun
was a member for a very short while, and Fancy was kicked for inactiveness.
  1989 - Four new members were recruited this year; CDC, MasterJam (autumn),
Lloyd (autumn) and Syncro. CDC later left for a professional career with
Groovy Bits. During this time the group also got a reliable source of
originals, enabling them to release a lot more cracks than before.
  1990 - H.O. (02/88-), torn between his studying at a university and
trading with his c64, finally had to give in and leave the scene early this
year. Bilbo was kicked for inactiveness. Glerc, Odin and Rygar still
attempted to make the group live on, mostly by recruiting new members. Nova
was a member for a short while, then rejoined Flash Inc. Gnome (crack)
joined. In march of this year, polish coder Polonus joined. During the
second half of the the year, Rygar got fed up with the c64 and decided to
concentrate on the amiga and vhs. In april, dutchman TDJ attended a
copyparty in Stockholm, and eventually joined the group. His next sign of
life came only after a month, when he had built a dutch section of s451
entitled Focus - without telling the leaders. The group later left - again
without telling the leaders. Scorpio joined from Akrak in july. Brilliant
swedish graphician Visual joined from Dynamix around august. Musician
Tracker (a friend of Polonus) joined in november. In the first weekend of
november, the Censor Party was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Only Master Jam
and Odin attended the event.
  1991 - Swedish coder, cracker and previous leader Glerc (02/88-) decided
to leave the scene in january. A new cracker, The Gnome, joined around
february. Polish coder Polonus (aka POL, new 05/90), author of the wellknown
VoiceTracker, left for Padua around february or early march. Sysop Midnight
Mover (ILLUSION OF REALITY) joined from Omega early march. Swedish swapper
and sysop Pimpernell joined from Triad with TERMINAL STATE in april.
Euzkera joined from Censor early this year. In the early to mid section of
the year, both Glerc and Odin left the scene. The official date for the
death of the group can most likely be set to the Horizon Easter Party, where
the last official s451 demo "El Escaparate" [04/91] was released. Swedish
graphicians Akay and Skywize joined from Triad in may, but this might better
be considered a death twitch than a rebirth. Swedish graphician Visual
joined Pretzel Logic late this year under his real name, Johannes Sjogren.
Swedish Legend joined Silicon, and will open a board for them.

  Sonics 003 (1988, .02, Intro).
  code: Judge, gfx: Hightech (logo), Judge (charset), music: Gaunt (Sound-
  Monitor format).
  review: This is essentially a non-spectacular 1-screen intro with three
  scrollers and a logo. Deeeeead boring! =) Not a party release. The release
  date is based on the text 'rankings for week 6' and the specification of
  '88' inside the demo. Also, the New Life Party is mentioned as an upcoming
  event, though my research has NOT lead to any information on this party
  thus far. Overall a pretty uninteresting production, unfortunately...
    Please note that the name of this intro appears nowhere inside it, and
  that it was based on the file's filename off the internet. The intro comes
  in a single 44 block file. [glenn]

  The Demo (1988, 29.09, Demo).
  code: Odin, Spirit, Glerc (intro), gfx: Spirit, Redstar (chars), music:
  Soedesoft (1), from game "Psidroid" (2), Jochen Kimmel (3), Marcel Donne
  review: S451 delivers a demo here that's quite pleasing to the eye. A lot
  of attention seems to have gone into getting the design right. It's
  nothing revolutionary, but compared to a lot of other demos these guys
  seem to have put a little effort into where they place things. The music
  is all ripped, but nicely chosen, and none of the old 'classics' that are
  overused. Overall, I found this demo to be a nice, different little
  production from a team that are way overlooked. Nice use of moving
  rasters! And the music in the first part is great...
    The demo comes in a single file, with a total of 4 parts. [glenn]

  Puke (1989, 14.05, Demo).
  code: Glerc (intro), Spirit (main), gfx: Spirit, music: Laxity/???.
  Released for the Equinox and Horizon party demo competition.
  review: Two competent parts and one that's just sad (though they make no
  attempt to disguise it either!) make up this small 'demo' - made at the
  party, no surprise :) This is a production that could have done without
  its last part. The intro and endpart music is uncredited. The demo comes
  in a single file. [glenn]

  Ball-Scope (1990, Demo).