Shadows, The (new)

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Shadows, The [new] (1989-1990)

NOR> Gene (trade, 04/89), Jab (founder code swap), Moonray (Bjørn Røstøen,
     founder gfx, later Panoramic Designs), Omega Supreme (Olav Mørkrid,
     founder code crack, later Panoramic Design), Storm Shadow (founder
     crack), Tornado (music, 06/89), Wizard (founder gfx).

The Shadows were reborn after Rawhead decided to split up in early 1989,
announced in the Rawhead demo "Pimplesqueezer 6" [02/89]. Founders of the
new Shadows were Omega Supreme, Storm Shadow, Moonray, Jab and Wizard, all
previously in the old Shadows as well. When the group died in the early
months of 1990, many members went to the new group Panoramic Designs. In PD,
members used their real names, so it's been a little hard to confirm
everyone that moved from Shadows to PD. The ones I _am_ sure about is Omega
Supreme (Olav Mørkrid) and Moonray (Bjørn Røstøen). In addition, Henning
Rokling was also probably in this group before PD, but I do not yet know his
handle... :\
  1989 - Lynx (music) left the group around december, to be in Prosonix