Shadows, The (old)

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Shadows, The [old] (-1988)

The Shadows ceased to exist in march of 1988, when they joined forces with
Rawhead. The members who joined Rawhead were Omega Supreme, Storm Shadow,
Moonray, Jab and Wizard - all of whom would return to the reborn Shadows
about a year later.

  Mega Selector 1 (Demo).
  code: Omega Supreme, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.

  The First Pimplesqueezer (1988, 15.02, Demo)
  code: Omega Supreme, Storm Shadow, Moonray, gfx: Moonray (chars). music:
  Johannes Bjerregaard/independent, various.
  review: This demo (aka Pimplesqueezer 1) showed promising talent from a
  group on the rise, but that was not quite there yet. There was no doubt
  that their coders were competent, but their graphics (apart from some
  fonts by Moonray) and music were all ripped. In fact, the second part of
  the demo was almost entirely comprised of material ripped from the game
  "Hunter's Moon" - including one of the moons! :] Most of the music ripping
  was done by Storm Shadow. It was released just a month before the group
  merged with Rawhead.
    The demo is a single 89 block file. It was almost certainly NOT a party
  release. It also announced (in the second part) that KLM/Decibel has
  joined the group. [glenn]