Shaolin Monastery, The

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Shaolin Monastery, The (TSM)

USA> Aycee (sysop THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE, also in Talent, new 04/90-02/92),
     Deltar (07-12/91), Rainman (07-12/91), Stealth (07/91-09/94), Zaldron
     (ex Armageddon, new 02/92).

TSM imports European games to the USA, and were active around 1991-92.
They seem to have had an exclusive deal to import Ikari + Talent games.
  1990 - Aycee joined from Mirage with his board in april, which he renamed
  1992 - Zaldron joined from Armageddon around february.
  1994 - The group went pretty inactive around september, due to Stealth's
school work. They did have good hope to have the group and their board THE
SHAOLIN TEMPLE up and running again pretty soon.