Silicon Ltd (c64)

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Silicon Ltd. (SLC)

N-L> Calypso (swap, also in Amnesia, 09/94), Earthshaker (swap, 02/92-
     09/93), Nightdog (Leendert Keeres, swap, 03/92-09/93).
SWE> Legend (ex Science 451, new 91).
???> Anarchist (crack, new 01/91), Astray (09/93), Coolrock (09/93), DNA
     (crack, 91), Jesus (09/93), Willy (09/93), Ratman (09/93), Sander
     (09/93), Scout (09/93), Sidewinder (crack, 91), Spider (swap, 09/93),
     TPM (09/93), Twynn (code music, ex Acrise, new 09/93).

Silicon was a dutch demo and cracking group.
  1990 - Tim co-founded the graphics group Optic Design with Floyd/ATG
around june.
  1991 - The entire group Radical joined around january, as did a new
cracker called Anarchist. Swedish Legend joined from Science 451 in march
or april, and will open a board for the group.
  1993 - Both Scout and Astray returned to the group and the scene around