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SonicArranger / Sonic Arranger

Sonic Arranger Editor.

(C) 1990 BrainTrace Design. (C) 1991 MEDIA Verlags. Written by Carlsten Schlote, Branko Mikic and Carsten Herbst.

General Information

Sonic Arranger is a music program that supports sampled and synthesized instruments as well as sound and note transposes for patterns. The optimizer can be used to reorganize the internal data structure of a song. SonicArranger allows 254 instruments created from 64 sampleslots, 64 synthetic waves, adsr's, lvo's and sound effects. Can also load and convert noisetracker 2.0 compatible song modules. Editor can save in a packed and not packed format. The packed format cannot be loaded back into the editor and is used to saving a final version to be used in demo/game etc.

Technical Information

Sonic Arranger - About.
Sonic Arranger - Arp.
Sonic Arranger - Instruments.
Sonic Arranger - Pattern Editor.
Sonic Arranger - Synth Editor.
File Prefix/Extension

Editor : 1.42 & 1.46, 2.18 (Aminet) + doc + tunes.

Format here (L Clévy).

Editor + doc (H Bergstedt). AMoRE description available here for SonicArranger(PC) (Markus).


UADE (H Orsila & M Doering)

Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Year Team / Publisher
Ambermoon 1993 Thalion / Thalion
Dimo's Quest 1993 Infernal Bytes / Boeder Software
Lionheart 1992 Thalion / Thalion
Marvin's Marvellous Adventure (CD³²) 1994 Infernal Byte Systems / 21st Century Entertainment


Demo Year Group / Party
No Sonic Arranger demo music in the archive

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