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Spiderboys (SPB)

SWE> Blaster (07-08/98), Defender of the Crown (07-08/98), Disaster
     (07-08/98), DJ Hamster (07-08/98), Turbotrade (07-08/98).

Spiderboys are a swedish group, mostly not doing anything serious it seems,
judging from the products I've seen... =)

  Spiderboys at Little Computer People 98 (1998, 01.08, Note).
  code/gfx: n/a, music: "no.11" by Fanta/Oxyron.
  review: This is really not a product, just a note, and probably not even
  made by the group themselves. I've 'reviewed' it since I was bored =)
  The music was likely ripped, we seriously doubt Fanta made it exclusively
  for them... plus, it was made inn 1993. The music, that is. [glenn]