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Success [new] (SCS, 1991-)

HOL> Burglar (crack, 12/91-early93), Micron (Nathan Huizinga, code, 92),
     Moren (Sixten Jansen, crack swap, 09/93), Nightshade (Norbert v/d
     Laan, 09/93), Silver Surfer (sysop 'CHRYSTALBALL', aka TSS, 01-05/93),
     Skarabee (Joost ten Brink, swap, back early93), Wank (Edwin, swap,
GER> Arrogance (Thorsten, 03/90-12/91), Steel (Mario Laugell, music, also in
     Padua, 12/91-early93).
POL> Brush (code, ex Elysium, new 08/93), Hain (Tomek Olszewski, code, ex
     Elysium, new 08/93).
AUS> Vengeance (swap editor, new 06/93).
???> Atmos (ex Illusion, new 08/93), B-Wyze (ex Extreme, new 02/92), Dooze
     (later Hardcore), Gordon (later Zoomo/Hardcore, 12/92), Hi-Lite (old
     handle Major-X, new 91-12/91), Mr.Disk (new 05/93), Rap (code, ex X-
     Ray, new 02-12/92), Shocker (swap, early93), Skeletor (ex Extreme, new
     02/92), Sphere (music, ex Extreme, old handle Copkilla, new 02/92-
     02/93), The Yank (swap supply, ex Eternal, new 02/92), Tyree (ger?

Success was finally reformed in october. They are a European cracking group.
Micron created several utilities, including his own Deformatter (92) and an
improved version of Exploding Faces Cruncher 2.0.
  1991 - Major X joined from X-Ray when the group was rebuilt. Rough was
kicked late this year. German musician Steel/Padua joined as a doublemember
in december.
  1992 - February brought news Arrogance had joined the army, that Rap
(previously in X-Ray) joined, that Darklord and Ist left the scene, That The
Yank/Eternal joined, that B-Wyze, Copkiller, Lifestyle and Skeletor all
joined from Extreme, that Manx was kicked, that Lazyness left, and that
Tyree had gotten into problems with his parents over his declining school
work, to the degree that they had confiscated his computer, meaning he needs
to take a break from the scene. Major X changed his handle to Hi-Lite this
summer. At The Party in december Rap, Zoomo and Steel released a small
preview of their upcoming demo "Raw Guys".
  1993 - Copkilla changed his handle to Sphere around february. Original
supplier Defjay (ex Padora, new early 93) sold his C64 and left the scene
early this year. Nightshade left to do his army duty in may, shortly to be
followed by Dannie, but both remain in the group. Lifestyle (ex Extreme, new
02/92) got kicked in may. Mr.Disk joined in may after a 2 year absence from
the scene; he was previously in Laser Inc. Both the group's euro boards,
CHRYSTALBALL (TSS) and THE LOST EMPIRE (Guzzler) are down in may, since
their owners can't pay their humongous phone bills. German swapper Airwolf
left for Genesis Project, also in may. Swapper and editor Vengeance joined
from Bodycount in june, forming the Australian section in the process. Artix
and Lifestyle were both kicked around july or august. Artix subsequently
joined Amnesia. Atmos/Illusion, Hain and Brush/Elysium all joined in august.
Former member Raze also returned in august. Artix joined Amnesia in
  1995 - German Hi-Lite left in january, and joined Hardcore.

  Raw Guys - The Preview (1992, 28.12, File).
  code: Rap, gfx: Zoomo, music: Steel. Released at The Party 92.
  review: A small preview for their upcoming demo "Raw Guys", and I can't
  deny that this is one preview that makes me wanna see the finished
  product! The demo features a Success logo at the top, a Raw Guys logo at
  the bottom, and a small screen in the middle showing a tiny preview of how
  the demo will look, as well as descriptions of some of the parts that are
  gonna be in the actual demo. What makes this rock so hard, I guess, is the
  really excellent graphics by Zoomo, a painter worth looking out for, I
  think... I belive the finished demo is gonna be excellent! [glenn]