Success (old)

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Success [old] (SCS, -1991)

GER> Arrogance (Thorsten, 12/89-02/90), Pyle (swap, 12/89-02/90).
DEN> Sonny (ex The Ruling Company, new 12/89), Trap (code, ex The Ruling
     Company, later Bonzai, new 12/89).
???> MCA (ex Dynamix), Sphire (new 12/89).

Scuccess was a cracking group.
  1989 - Around november, Zeron left. There was talk about him joining
Censor Design, but in the end he left the scene altogether. Derek B left to
join Censor Design. Two new members joined in Denmark at the Christmas Party
89 in december, Trap and Sonny from TRC. Arrogance left shortly after the
same party in december due to some disagreements (attacking Macro Nit/
Dominators, after believing he had stolen his levelpacker), but returned in
a matter of days. Andre left for X-Ray, while Sphire joined in december. Roy
rejoined Dynamix, also in december. Chum left and joined Chaos 1. Tanner was
  1990 - Germans Arrogance (12/89-) and others (presumably also at least
Pyle (12/89-)) left the group for Legend in july. This month the group's
cooperation with X-Ray also ended.
  1991 - Triad's "Gamers Guide #6" [03/91] announced that Success would NOT
be rebuilt, and that Arrogance and the other Germans had formed a new group
called Bacardi Gang.

  Trapped (1990, early, Demo).