Success and The Ruling Company

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Success and The Ruling Company (SCS-TRC)

HOL> Burglar (scs code crack, 09/95-02/97), Moren (scs crack, 09/95-01/96),
     Spectator (Peter von Schayck, swap, ex Alpha Flight 1970, also in
     Xenon, new 09/94-01/96), Splatterhead (Rene Janssen, crack swap, 09/95-
GER> Count Zero (crack, 01/96-02/97).
SWE> Raze (music, also in Padua, 07/00).
POL> Stake (ftpop, 01/96).
USA> Alchemist (sysop 'THE DUNGEON', 09/95-02/97).
???> Action Jackson (09/95-01/96), Allitaice (01/96), Bacillus (01/96), CBA
     (trc fix, 09/95-01/96), Credo (09/95-01/96), H-Bloxx (01/96), Lord
     Crucifier (09/95-01/96), Micron (09/95-01/96), Nightshade (09/95-
     01/96), Replay (09/95-01/96), Sliver (09/95-01/95), Titanic (crack,
     09/95-01/96), Trax (09/95-01/96)

Boards; STATE OF THE ART (ger, 09/95), MYSTICAL PARADISE (ger, 02/97).


AUS> Morbid (music, later Onslaught, 08/94), Vengeance (swap, later
     Onslaught, 08/94).
???> Def Beat (09/95), LCF (crack, 95), Mystery (09/95), Rebel MC (09/95).

SCS-TRC are a dutch-based cooperation group.
  1994 - Dutch swapper Spectator joined from Alpha Flight 1970 around
  1995 - Polish Techno (crack swap, ex Genesis Project) left shortly after
joining, for Chromance, around september. THE DUNGEON, the whq the group
shares with Hitmen, went down, as did their dutch board THE LOST EMPIRE -
and noone was able to contact the sysops to find out what was going on! Even
their last board 'STATE OF THE ART' went up and down a few times, but will
likely stabilize on a new number soon. THE DUNGEON had gotten formatted, it
was later discovered, but returned to the scene and to scs-trc.
  1996 - A cleanup of the memberlist was performed in january, and the
following people were let go; Case, Cavron (09/95), Cruze, Dannie (scs aut,
Reinhard Koenig, crack swap, 93-), Guzzler (scs hol, sysop THE LOST EMPIRE,
01/93-), Jity (09/95), JRC (09/95), Mr.Disk, Mistri and Sailor (09/95).
Despite rumours, Scatman has never joined the group. THE DUNGEON will go
online again march 15th, as ALCHEMIST moved houses.