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Sunrise (1991-)

GER> Argos (A.Wuest, swap, 02/92-01/93), Audience (Dennis Heydrich, swap,
     02-03/92), E.O.E. (Marco Artmann, also in D.A. [no entry], early93),
     GHG (12/91), Hagar (Michael Uhl, swap, 03/92), Mike (Michael Maettner,
     swap, 03/92-01/93), Myarlathotep (Mike Bock, swap, 03/92).
NOR> Rune (also in Hoaxers, early93).
???> Sir Maniac (swap trade, new 02/93), Vector (code crack, ex Varsity, new

Boards; SUN WHQ (usa, 02/93).

Sunrise was born around january 1991.
  1992 - After The Imperium Arts became a musiclabel in july, all members
were forced to join second groups, and The Syndrom teamed up with Sunrise.
His stay was short, and after about a month he left for Padua. German
swapper Split (Arthur Braun) left (or got kicked; opinions differ ;]) around
  1993 - Sir Maniac joined, and Vector joined from Varsity around february.

  Thunderstorm (1991, 22.04, Demo).
  Cooperation with Gloom.