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Supply Team, The (TST)

Based in Denmark,

From 1985 to 1989, TST was one of the many active demogroups in the
C64 scene. At its peak, TST made some groundbreaking work that
became a vital part of the whole evolution in the demo-scene.

Members on the C64 from 1985-1988:

TSN, Torben Sjørslev Nielsen    - founder, swapper, coder, graphic artist
Kaze, Karsten Pahuus Petersen   - founder, coder, graphic artist, composer
KVH, Kent Volstrup Hansen       - supplier
Frany, Martin Talbro            - supplier
Rambones, Jan Harries           - swapper, music composer, coder, graphic artist
Hagar, Martin Birk Pedersen     - graphic artist, swapper
Wizz, Mark Cassidy              - coder, cracker, swapper
Jipe, Jimmi Petersen            - music composer
Drake, Klaus-Ove Pedersen       - swapper, coder
Remo, Sven Appel                - swapper, coder, graphic artist, music composer
Chess, Dirk Stühmer             - coder, swapper
Trix, Linda Kjærsgaard          - secretary
Zordex                          - coder

Additional members on the Amiga from 1988-1990:

Laxity, Thomas Egeskov Petersen - music composer
Softtech                        - cracker
Stonewall Jackson               - swapper
The Guy                         - swapper
Mode                            - music composer
Haffy                           - coder, music composer, graphician
Kitt                            - swapper, coder

Our venture on the Amiga wasn't that long, sadly.

Learning it all over again wasn't our cup of tea, although 2 disks
with different demos have been made in the small timeframe, 1988-1990.

Complete TST demography:


The Supply Team - official website

Jan Harries (rambones) - digital musician


Commodore 64 demo chronology:

Kaze Demo #1      TST            86.??.??
Per F. Mordet     TST            86.??.??
TST-Zap-Zap-Zap   TST            86.??.??
KVH Mord V2       TST            86.??.??
Mickey Demo       TST            86.??.??
Farao Demo #2     TST            86.??.??
Say Who           TST            86.??.??
Kaze Demo #2      TST            86.09.23
Spindemo          TST            86.??.??
Kim Larsen        TST            86.??.??
Spritefinder V5   TST            86.??.??
City Tune         TST            86.??.??
Dust Demo         TST            86.??.??
TST-Demo #4       TST            86.??.?? using Kaze's new sideborder-scroll
Glider Rider Rip  TST            86.??.??
Wake Up!          TST            86.11.19 using Hagar's first picture, Kaze's scroll
TST Hopdemo       TST            86.11.?? The day I got Soundmonitor
TST-Hopdemo 2     TST            86.11.?? the day after
Lady              TST            86.11.24 using Kaze's scroll
Hello!            TST            86.11.?? my first machinecode demo, using Kaze's scroll
The Hack Scrolly  TST            86.12.07 changing the scrollroutine a little
The Stronger TST  TST            86.12.23 Wizz joins TST
Ace of Diamonds   TST            86.12.23 introducing a jumping sideborder-scroll,
                                          this is 'FLD', before The Judges 'invent' it
The Fourth        TST            86.12.24 using 2 of Hagar's new pictures, Kaze's scroll
Act of War        TST            87.01.01 extended picture in the upper border by Wizz
It’s The Best!    TST            87.01.28 introducing a 2x-sideborder-scroll
                                          this is also using the jumping sideborder-scroll
                                          introducing the superwriter-scroll, it can stop,
                                          go backwards, and delete words.

                                 ........ Wize leave TST for Wizax, because they
                                          want to become famous crackers.

Welcome           TST            87.02.25
                                 ........ Wize come back to TST, because Ecan/Wizax
                                          steals their 3x-sideborder-scroll

Who Said Cool     TST            87.??.?? introducing a 3x-sideborder-scroll
                                          introducing a wavemove in the spritescroll
                                          introducing a scrolling raster in the top border
Wizz Logo 1.1     TST            87.??.??
Wizz Logo 1.2     TST            87.??.??
Antiriad          TST            87.??.?? the first rip of Antiriad
TST Ripp #1       TST            87.02.?? using the new wavemove-scroller
TST Ripp #2       TST            87.02.?? Antiriad, Ripp 1 and 2 are made in 3 days
TST Ripp #3       TST            87.03.05
TST Ripp #4       TST            87.03.06 using the 3x-sideborder-scroll
TST Ripp #5       TST            87.03.14 my first TST Ripp

                                 ........ Wizz leaves TST and joins Wizax 2004

TST Ripp #6       TST            87.03.?? introducing a gravity-jmp in the spritemove
No Limits!        TST            87.??.?? introducing a 6x-sideborder-scroll
TST Ripp #7       TST            87.??.?? my first sprite-movement
Supplied Circles  TST+TDC        87.04.17 done at the TDC party in Sorø, 16-17 April 1987
                                          the members of TDC, Grabbers, 6581 Crew and
                                          Vision - are those who later form 2000 A.D.
TST Ripp #8       TST            87.??.??
Gabing Out        TST            87.??.?? my first sprite-animations
Just Cool         TST            87.??.?? the first spritemove after a sinus-table, Kaze
TST Ripp #9       TST            87.??.?? Thanks to Kaze, I can now also move using sinus
Zound Muzak #1    TST            87.??.?? Sinus moves is the hottest new thing
                                          this is the first demo with my own music

                                 ........ Kaze leaves TST and joins Wizax 2004

TST Ripp #10      TST            87.??.?? design of this demo is stolen from the previous demo
Attention         TST            87.??.?? using the superwriter-scroll by Kaze
1:52 AM           TST+TSE        87.07.14 using Kaze's sinusmove, Remo, Chess and Paco are visiting.
Sound Shocker     TST            87.08.01
Zound Muzak #2    TST            87.09.05
Multiple Dreams   TST            87.09.25
Special Design    TST            87.10.03 using Kaze's sinusmove
Join Us!          TST            87.??.?? Paco/TSE joins TST
Satellite         TST            87.10.19 scroll: "rude as ice"
Hysteric          TST            87.10.25 reply to joining forces
Thunderlight      TST            87.11.06 Wizax lives
Expansions        TST            87.11.06+ Remo & Chess are visiting. Remo & Chess join TST.
                                           Hagar & Rambones is at a meeting with Zetrex 2005
Exterminate       TST            87.11.15+ reply to Jumping Mad

                                 ........ Zetrex 2005 is born

Who Said War ?    TST            87.12.05 reply to no sweat
                                          demo is made 87.08.31

Latxmas’87        TST            87.12.31
Vendetta          TST            88.02.25
Jarre Dreams      TST            88.??.??
Suckerbust        TST            88.??.??
End of War        TST            88.03.02
Apolloguys        TST            88.03.05 I say sorry to Laxity for critizising his Sanxionload
                                 ........ Zetrex 2005 dies, Wizz joins 2000 A.D,
                                          Kaze forms SYSTEM 2010
                                          the war between TST, Wizax 2004, Zetrex 2005 is over.
Admirable         TST            88.??.??
Perseverance      TST            88.04.05
No System         TST+AD         88.04.05 Remo's birthday
                                          Wizz, Warp and Laxity visit while the demo is
                                          being made. Wizz takes over the coding from me.
                                          My jumping scroll was working okay, but it's just Wizz
                                          in a nutshell :-)
                                          I smell coffe every time I read the jumpscroller,
                                          even now, 2000.09.12 - 88.04.05 was a highlight
                                          not easily forgotten.
Zound Muzak #3    TST            88.04.05-09 Remo did the bitmap gfx, and went home i.t.weekend.
Mip Mip Police    TST+AD+2010    88.??.?? before New Limits, after No System
1st Aid           TST            88.??.??

                                 ........ SYSTEM 2010 dies, Kaze joins TST

Amiganoid         TST            88.??.?? I have bought an Amiga before this demo is released.
                                          this is just a few days before the Dexion party.
Satellite 2       TST            88.07.06 released at the Dexion party, July 1988
                                          on the party Kaze coded the intro char-wave.
                                          Ecan/Wizax stole a cartridge from
                                          Future Freak, making him the first known thief in
                                          scene-history. Warp/2000 A.D. sprayed 'Fart-gas'
                                          in our sleeping-bags, and in some rooms where we
                                          tried to code in peace.
New Limits        TST            88.07.08 released at the DG party in Tommerup/DK
NuRDnSguHltGal    TST            88.??.??
Blue Sunday       TST            88.??.??
Negative          TST            88.??.??
Ztrange Noizes    TST            88.??.?? the last ever released TST demo
History           TST            88.??.?? not released, not finished, code by TSN