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Taboo (

POL> Cresh (Witold Bryndza, gfx swap, 12/94-04/98), Cruise (gfx, 12/94-
     01/96), MMS (code, 09/92-01/95).
GER> Acidchild (Wolfram Hess, swap, 09/94-01/95).
???> Comer (code music, 12/94-01/95), Fazee (gfx, 12/94-01/96), K.M (code,
     12/94-01/95), Sailor (swap, 12/94-01/95), Shaman (gfx, 12/94-01/95),
     Shogoon (music, 12/94-09/96), Wayne (gfx, 12/94-01/95).

Taboo was a Polish-based demo group. MMS is the coder behind several
quality utilties, like Level-Crusher 1.0 [09/92] and Advanced Music
Searcher (AMS) V4.1 [05/93] and V5.0 [08/93].
  1995 - Cruise left Elysium around january, and is now only in Taboo.
  1996 - Shogoon contributed an exclusive tune to Oxyron's september demo
"ReLIGHTening" [09/96].