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Talent [new] (TAL, 1991-)

ENG> Bod (mainorg code crack, 91-01/95).
???> Chrysagon (ger? crack, ex Enigma, 06/94-01/95), Count Zero (fixer
     cosys, 06/94-01/95), Greenfrog (code, 06/94-01/95), Ignorance (01/95),
     Larry (ex Trance, new 01/95), Majesty (org supply, 12/92-01/95), TBB
     (swap, 06/94-01/95).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 01/95) -

ENG> XXX (crack supply, 11/89-06/92).
FIN> Rockstar (crack, ex Dominators, new 06/93-06/94).
USA> Aycee (sysop THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE, also in The Shaolin Monastery,
     02/92), Morrisey (sysop DOWN BY LAW WHQ, opened early-02/93).
???> Hunter (ex Paramount, new 06/93), Illusionist (ex Random, new
     early91), O'Neill (music, 12/91), Raze (code, 12/91), SoStone
     (cardsupply swap, 06/94).

Talent was a cracking group, based in England where their leader Bod
resided, but with foreign divisions as well. After their legendary
cooperation with Ikari ended in 1991, they continued for a number of years
under their own name again. Wicked was their lame-release group :)
  1992 - Pudwerx was kicked from the group around february, since he didn't
really care that much for them. He joined Illusion, as did Richie, who had
left some time earlier. Hunter joined from Warriors of Wasteland (WOW) in
november as a cracker, and also opened his board DREAMTIME shortly after
  1993 - Hunter left to rebuild Paramount on january first. Morrisey's board
was opened after he joined Talent, and will be the group's WHQ when fully
operational (early 93). Hunter returned from Paramount around june, and was
joined by finnish cracker Rockstar from Dominators and swapper X-Tro from
Trinomic. X-Tro was kicked in october for laziness.
  1994 - Ramirez joined from Alpha Flight 1970 around the middle of the
  1995 - Larry/Trance joined, while Ramirez left for Hardcore around