The Ancient Temple

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The Ancient Temple (TAT)

AUT> Ayatollah (code crack, old handle PW, aka AYT, 90-02/91), Checkpoint
     (swap, 07/90).
GER> Beast (Karsten, swap, 02/92), Extract (swap, 02/92), The Warlord
     (Manuel, swap, 03/92).
ENG> Case (code, 03/92-04/93), Satan (H.Skilton, swap, 03/92).
NOR> Pusher (swap, 10/90).

For simplicity's sake, I've made an exception to my own rule and placed
TAT's entry under T rather than A, since their shortname is so often used.
  1990 - Inc T left the scene around august after some internal differences
with Ayatollah, who in turn changed his handle around the same time to PW.
He must have changed it back sometime soon after, because by february of
the following year he was Ayatollah again... confusion ;]
  1991 - Ayatollah extended his functions into cracking from the start of
this year. The group entered into a cooperation with Weird from january.
  1993 - TBB, TMB, The Mistress and Dr.Will all left for Entropy in
february. Case released the tool "60 Second Backup" [04/90] in april.

  Airdance II (1990, Demo).
  information: This demo has a picture apparently made by Lurch/TAT that was
  in fact ripped from the game "Superman vs. Dr. Doom". This was revealed in
  Amok's "Sex'n'Crime #16".