Three Little Elks (group)

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Three Little Elks (3LE)

3LE is a Swedish demo group, founded by two people (one of which was Nude) in the early nineties. For a while they were just doing AMOS demos and having fun, and it wasn't until most of the current members met at a local party in Uddevalla in 1994 that things started to get "serious". Their first real demo was "Yawpcola" ('95). They have since created a name for themselves creating humorous demos, while retaining technical excellence.

Graphician Laz (ex Sunshine Productions, new 06/'96) got married, had children and left the scene. Though it is mentioned nowhere, the demo "The Second Chance" is dedicated to him, as Nude confessed in ROM9. Ant is a doublemember of Spiderboys on the C64. When Orchis joined, he became world organizer.

Much to my joy, Coma has released the 20 first tunes in his chiptunes series "Skogens Djur" in a pack to Aminet, and I'm commanding you all to download it! Megahappy chippies with great melodies - just like in the old days. Ahhhh.... Nowadays Coma manages the wonderful music collection Modland.


Android (music sysop 'THE NOSTROMO', ex Subspace, new 06/'96)
Ant (Anton Halldin, gfx swap, 05/'95-09/'96)
Coma (Daniel Johansson, music swap, 05/'95-'98)
Explorer (code, 05/'95-09/'96)
Nude (founder gfx, 05/'95-07/'97)
Plus8 (gfx raytrace, ex New Age, new 11/'96-04/'97)
Spot (gfx, ex New Age, new 11/'96-04/'97)
Tabasco (Niklas Soerensson, code, 05/'95-12/'96)
Orchis (org trade, new mid '97)
  • Musician Laz left the scene mid '97.


See Three Little Elks (group)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Yawpcola (1995, .05, Demo)

Released at Compusphere 5. Their first REAL demo.

Passengers (1995, 28.12, Demo)

4th in The Party 5 demo competition.

Frums (Mit Kindern) (1996, 11.05, Demo)

Winner of the Compusphere 6 demo competition! Written in AMOS, but not by any of the leading members...

The Tribe (1996, 25.05, AGA HD Multifile)

Tabasco, Explorer
Ant, Nude, Tudor/TBL (object)
Winner of the Icing '96 demo competition!

The Tale of Sir Henry - Passengers II (1997, 15.02, AGA File)

Spot, Plus8, Coma (music).
3rd in the Icing Beta '97 demo competition.

The Second Chance (1997, 17.06, Demo)

2nd at the Icing '97 demo competition!