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Tim Wright
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Handle(s) Jester Brothers International / Cold Storage
Homepage http://www.coldstorage.org.uk/
Comments Although Tim's brother Lee was often co-credited for certain game soundtracks, Tim explains, "Lee didn't actually write any of the music, although he did have a go at writing some MOD music, albeit unpublished. Lee was just the programming genius! ;o)"


Year Cat. No. Single Comments
2005 n/a Onyx
2008 n/a Albino 2 - The Red Eye Mix
2009 CSVS 0501 Gravity Crash (Vinyl Single)

Solo Albums

Gravity Crash Anthems (album cover)
Gravity Crash Anthems (album cover)
Year Cat. No. Album Comments
2005/10 n/a MELT Tim Wright's first album, several years in the making and after many requests!
2008/03 n/a Android Child After some time, a return with a more personal and introspective album. Sadly Tim Wright's father-in-law passed away during the making of this album, therefore a track was written for him and the album was dedicated to him (Brian Morgan).
2008/10 n/a CoLD SToRAGE HD An unofficial music expansion Album for the game Wipeout HD on PlayStation 3.
2009/07 n/a Project Moonbounce 2009 An album dedicated to EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications celebrating not only International Moonbounce Year but also 40 years since the first manned moonlanding.
2010/01 n/a Gravity Crash Anthems Official Soundtrack from the game Gravity Crash. Every track from the game was extended and remixed for the album, along with bonus remixes in various styles.
2010 n/a Yin+Yang
2010/03 n/a Tik Tak An Album of music created solely using Techno eJay 5.
2011/02 n/a 6E 61 32 "From fast paced and furious to subtle and emotional... a glorious ride through a futuristic sonic landscape!"
2011 n/a AMIGA Revisited 2011
2011 n/a Chipfest 6 - The Rehearsal Tapes
2012 n/a SLIPSTREAM [ volume one ]
2012 n/a SLIPSTREAM [ volume two ]
2013 n/a Strix Memoria
2015 SOTB-CD-BMB-2015#1 Shadow of the Beast - 2015 Remix Album

Collaborative Albums

Year Cat. No. Album Comments
1997 n/a Psygnosis: The Future Is Now
1997 n/a Music Collector 1: CD Consoles - Psygnosis
1997 n/a Joypad CD Vol.1 - Le Best Of de Psygnosis
1998 n/a Joypad CD Vol.5 - Psygnosis Le CD Audio
2002 AKCD001 Immortal 2
2005 DISNCD155 WipEout Pure: The Official Soundtrack
2006 AKCD002/003 Immortal 3
2008 CZCD 031 Shadow of the Beast
2011 AKCD004~5 Immortal 4
2013 ZOZ-1-CD Paula Agnus Denise
2013 n/a Velocity Ultra Original Soundtrack
2014 n/a Paula Agnus Denise - Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game Music Groupees Edition
2014 n/a Super VG Christmas Party

Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Comments Year Team / Publisher
Agony Title 1992 Art & Magic / Psygnosis
Aquaventura 1992 Psygnosis / Psygnosis
Awesome 1990 Reflections / Psygnosis
Carthage 1990 Psygnosis / Psygnosis
Leander 1991 Travellers Tales / Psygnosis
Lemmings 1990 DMA Design / Psygnosis
Powermonger 1990 Bullfrog Productions / Electronic Arts
Puggsy 1993 Travellers Tales, The Dome / Psygnosis
Shadow of the Beast II 1990 Reflections / Psygnosis
Shadow of the Beast III 1992 Reflections / Psygnosis


Demo Comments Year Group / Party
Puggs in Space 1989 Dionysus, Jester Brothers International
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