Topaz Beerline

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Topaz Beerline (TPZ)

FIN> Scapegoat (Sami Ilmonen, code gfx, 92-01/93), Slayer (swap, early91).
SWE> Rebel (09/91).
GER> Amarok (Markus Wasserberg, swap, 08-09/93), Benno (Frank Bendiek, code
     music swap, ex Trance, new 06/93).
HOL> Calypso (gfx, ex F4CG, also in Amnesia, 01-05/93).
???> Addict (music), AMJ (fin? music, 01/93), Anvil (music, 01/93), D'Arc
     (fin? code gfx, 01/93), Death (gfx, 01/93), HTD (fin? gfx), HTL
     (music, 01/93), Realpointdesign (gfx, 01/93), Silver (ex Hitmen, new

Topaz are a mostly Finnish demo group. Scapegoat has coded lots of tools,
including Deadline Writer, CharZipper and Assembly Converter. D'Arc is the
author of the AFLI Editor 2.0.
  1991 - Early part of the year (february?) brought a tragedy for Topaz,
when their finnish member Coax (Mikko Paronen, music) was killed in a train
accident. A memorial demo was reportedly planned by the finnish scene, but
we have no information on if it was ever released.
  1992 - In may, the two danes Caprix (code) and Kirk (gfx, also in Plasma
Design) left the group for Oxyron.
  1993 - Dutch Calypso (gfx) joined from F4CG in january, while maintaining
his double membership in Amnesia. German coder and musician Benno joined
from Trance around june. Amarok ended his double membership in Oxyron in
august, to be in Topaz only.

  A Blind Marathon (Demo).

  A Token From The Hell (Demo).

  Dark Ages (Demo).

  Deaf Beat (Demo).

  Golden Music Collection (Demo).

  Le Graffix (Demo).

  Our Board (Demo).

  Party Hole 2 (Demo).

  Partylamez (Demo).

  Warming Up (Demo).

  Heating (1990, 17.12, Demo).

  Graveyard Blues (1991, Demo).

  Party Hole (1991, Demo).

  Graveyard Blues (1992, 03.01, Demo).

  Beer+Funkee (1992, 21.02, Demo).

  Problemchild - He Knows Me (1993, 14.01, Demo).
  code: D'Arc, Scapegoat, gfx: Death, D'Arc, Scapegoat, Realpointdesign,
  music: AMJ, Anvil, HTL.
  info: Received a rave review in Fairlight's "Reformation #1" [04/93].

  Graveyard Blues 3 (1993, 30.05, Demo).
  code: D'Arc, Scapegoat, gfx: Death, music: Htd, Amj, Anvil.
  6th in The Computer Crossroads 93 demo competition.