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Transcom (TCOM)

BEL> Eureka (swap, 12/90), Kickboxer (swap, early91), Shadow (swap, 03-
FRA> Jayce (10/88), LKJ (10/88), Malibu (10/88), MK (10/88), Unknow (crack,
     ex C64CG, 10/88-12/90).
???> Captain Crack (new 12/89), Johnny B (music, ex C64CG).

Transcom was born from the group C64 Comics Group (C64CG). Transcom were in
cooperation with X-Ray for a while, but the coop broke down in early 1991
after members of Transcom ripped off Bad Taste's mag "Bad News", slapped a
Genesis Projects intro on it, filled it with aggression and harsh language
towards nearly every group in the scene and spread it at the Venlo meeting
in february of 91. Following this, some Transcom and some ex-Crusade
members left to form a new group called "Bad Batch", which in turn died in
weeks. The ex-Transcom members then rejoined, except for Scorpie and Kid
who went to F4CG.
  1989 - During december, Captain Crack joined while Stinger left for
Genesis Project.
  1990 - Hi-Tech joined Babygang around july. The group went into
cooperation with X-Ray in december. Slight (ex C64CG), Chouans, Spirit,
Milos, Mig, Punisher and Jity all left the group due to disagreements with
LKJ and Glasnost. They joined Genesis Project.
  1991 - Scorpie and Kid joined from F4CG at Venlo in january. Belgian
swapper Glasnost (ex Osiris/Energy, new 05/90-) left for Legend in january,
since he felt Transcom was not releasing enough cracks (source: Emanuelle
#1). The cooperation with X-Ray ended early in the year.