Triangle 3532 (c64)

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Triangle 3532 (3532, 1987-,

DEN> Chix (code), Cozmix (code), Dr.Monikke (code), Fun Fun (music import,
     08/88), Qed (Jan Lund Thomsen, crack, ex Pulsar, new 07/90-08/95),
     Scratch (code crack, 07/87-04/91), Spot (code, ex Pulsar, 01/91), Swyx
     (code crack, 10/87-06/90), TCD (code crack, aka The Cracking Dane, new
     06/87-09/89), Tenzet (gfx), The Ranger (swap), Trinity (code).
UK > Acidyx (swap), Anzax (supply, 02/88).
USA> Counter (Jon), Steve.

Triangle were a demo and cracking group, based in denmark but with a few
members in other countries as well. The group was found on may 1st 1987 by
Swyx, Chix, Tenzet, Fun Fun, Cozmix and Xenon. Thanks to QED for helpful
  1987 - Danish cracker TCD joined the group in june. Scratch joins in fall
the same year.
  1989 - Spot joined in fall this year from Pulsar.
  1990 - Qed (crack) joined from Pulsar in july, after disagreements with
group management on his role as a cracker. In later months unfriendly
thoughts were scattered around both groups cracktros. The demo "L'etranger"
[12/90] finished 2nd in the demo competition at the Dexion X-Mas Party in
december, but was never released to the public.
  1992 - Swyx was interviewed for In Media Res #1 (later reprinted for In
Media Res #2.)
  1993 - Qed is interviewed for the FairLight diskmag "Reformation".
  1996 - Qed is interviewed for In Media Res #2.

  L'Estranger (1990, 28.12, Demo).
  2nd in the Dexion X-Mas Party demo competition.
  info: Never released publicly.