Tristar Red Sector Inc (c64)

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Tristar Red Sector Inc [c64] (TRSI, 1991-)

GER> Brego (founder), Creb (Heiko Bader, swap, 95), Dance, Danzig (Mirco
     Ellmann, code swap, new 01/95), Scat, Wildstyle (Frank Merzo, founder
???> Atari (01/95), Crisp (01/95), Crockett (founder), Godzilla (founder),
     Jagatan (founder, later Enigma), MWS (01/95), OB (01/95),
     Salt'n'Pepper (founder), Stan (mainorg, ex Equinoxe, new 04/95),
     Trigger (founder, later Engima), Tyger (founder), Wizzler (founder).

The C64 section of TRSI was formed early 1991 by Wildstyle/Paramount (also a
TRSI member on the Amiga!) with these founding members: Tyger/Paramount,
Brego/Paramount, Godzilla/Paramount, Crockett/Paramount, Jagatan/X-Ray,
Trigger/X-Ray, Salt'n'Pepper and Wizzler.
  1994 - The group went into cooperation with Dytec in april, but the joint
venture was shortlived, and the two groups split up in september.
  1995 - German graphician Deekay was kicked out around january, and is now
only in his main group, Crest. German coder Danzig (previously Vertigo/
X-Rated) joined around january. Stan joined from Equinoxe at the X95 party
in april. The group went into a crisis late this year, after getting
increasingly inactive and finally losing their leader Midfit (01/95-) around
october. The new leader became the newly-joined Stan.