Victims (c64)

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Victims (1991-)

SWE> Dr.Cool (ex Censor).
FIN> Rockstar (Juho, crack, ex Extasy, later Palace), TMB (swap, ex Extasy).
GER> Drake (ex Extasy), God (crack, ex Dynamix), Roy (code, ex Dynamix), The
     Syndicate (code crack, ex Dynamix).

Boards; SHANGRALI (also in Action, 06/91).

Victims was formed early 1991 by Dr.Cool who was kicked from Censor,
together with his friend Adolf/Censor and most members of the recently
deceased groups Dynamix and Extasy. After everyone in the group slowly went
inactive around 1994, Adolf rejoined Censor to work on a game (Bouncy
Balls) with Bob.