Visual Reality

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Visual Reality (VR)

DEN> Ricky (code, ex Bonzai, new 02/92), Smash, Tricket (Jesper Jensen,
     sysop DOMINIC WHQ, ex Dominators, 09/93), Walt (Anders Fogh, code gfx
     music, ex Bonzai, new 02/92).

Visual Reality were a Danish demo group.
  1992 - Danes Ricky and Walt were recruited from Bonzai around february,
surely adding muscle to the group's demo making abilities!
  1993 - Danish sysop Tricket joined from Dominators around september, after
that group died. He is also the group's pr person.

  Visuality III (1992, 28.12, Demo).
  code: Walt, others, gfx: JTM, Sanity, music: n/a.
  Released for The Party 92 demo competition.
  info: Third and last demo in Visuality series, apparently very good.
  Originally competed in The Party 92 demo competition in a single-file
  edition, then slightly improved and finally released to the general public
  in april or may of 1993.