Warriors of Time

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Warriors of Time (WOT)

FIN> Dr.Suffi (swap, ex Impulse, new 02/90).
???> Dolla (ex Megastyle, new 07/90).

Warriors of Time was a demo group, possibly based in Norway.
  1989 - Wawen left briefly for Genesis Project, before finally settling in
Dynamix, in december.
  1990 - Dr.Stuff joined from Impulse, CTN from Babygang and Challenger
from Process, all around february. Butch left for Atrix around may. Dolla
joined in july, after having been kicked out of Megastyle. Rooster, Tamtrax
and Challenger moved on to Bonzai around september, taking the mag
"Slowpoke" with them.
  1991 - Swedes Jadawin (music) and Powpin left for Padua around early

  Moonwalk (1990, Demo).
  code: Tamtrax, Challenger, gfx: Rooser, music: Harmony Productions.