Willow (c64)

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Willow [c64] (WIL)

GER> Doc of Desire (Stefan Schauf, swap, 01/97), Floyd (Sven Tewes, mainorg
     music swap, 01/97), Scorpe (Sebastian Poschmann, 01/97).
???> Activater (gfx swap, 01/97), Assassin (code gfx, 01/97), Falk (gfx,
     01/97), Gunhed Battalion (code music, 01/97), Mr.Quark (Alexander
     Teufel, code gfx, aka MRQ, 01/97), Shay CPC (gfx, 01/97), Shri Sadhu
     (code gfx, 01/97), Socrates (gfx, 01/97), Sony (code, 01/97), Sputnick
     (code, 01/97), Terror (code, 01/97), Torj Antilles (org code, 01/97),
     Zeitgeist (code swap, 01/97).

Willow were apparently a german demo group.

  Learning To Fly (1997, 17.01, Compilation Disk).
  code: Mr.Quark, gfx: Socrates, Scorpe, music: High-Speed/ex Willow.
  review: We don't review many compilation disks here, but this one
  qualifies since it's made up entirely of own productions. Having said
  that, there's not much to shout about here, really. A few (old)
  utilities, a couple of (sad) game previews and there you have it. Nice
  graphics, ok tune, shitty one in the accompanying note. [glenn]