Wrath Designs (c64)

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Wrath Designs (WD, http://www.wrathdesigns.net)

SWE> Blackdroid (gfx, new 91-08/96), Clone (gfx, 07/00), Ed (Eddie Svärd,
     org code music, 12/94-02/01), Joe (gfx, 12/94-07/00), Oxidy (code gfx,
     08/96-12/03), Stash (swap, 08/96), TMT (code gfx, 04/92-08/96), Wingo
     (Stefam Karlsson, swap, later Triad, 03/92).
???> Microgroover (music, 03/03).


SWE> Avalon (Jonas Håkansson, music, 91-92), Dr.Widlove (09/91).
NOR> Zinia (Eirik Reitan, swap, new 12/91-early93).

Wrath Designs was a Swedish demo group, originally formed by Oxidy and
Avalon. An amiga section was formed by Blackdroid and Zealot late 1994.
Thanks to Blackdroid for information!
  1991 - Norwegian swapper Zinia joined in december, and became the only
non-swedish member of the group.
  1993 - Ozone's "Skyhigh #1" [01/93] brough the news that Wrath Designs
was dead, and its members scattered. It said Oxidy, Ed and Avalon joined
Fairlight, Static (03/92), Fozzie and Eliz rebuilt Gothic Designs, Visage
left the scene, and that Zzap (now in Betrayal) was kicked out BEFORE the
group died and not later, as he claimed. These news must at least be partly
incorrect, since the group was alive and well shortly after... Radical
joined Amnesia around february. Graphician Black Samurai was a member for a
few days in may, before leaving for Camelot at the TCC93 party at the end
of the month.
  1994 - The demo "Courtesy of Sovjet" [12/94], released at The Party in
december, came in at a respectable third position in the competition. It
was to become their last production for a year and a half, until the
release of "Stupidity III" in august of 1996.
  1996 - The demo "Stupidity III" [08/96] came 4th in the competition at
  2003 - Microgroover (music) joined early this year.

  Courtesy of Sovjet (1994, 28.12, Demo).
  code: Ed, gfx: Joe, Blackdroid, music: Pri.
  3rd in The Party 94 demo competition.
  info: Pri is not a member, but the music is exclusive.

  Stupidity III (1996, 17.08, Multifile Demo).
  code: Ed (main), TMT (doom), gfx: Joe, Oxidy, music: "Silent Memories"
  (demo), "Solved Track" (note) by Ed.
  4th in the Assembly 96 demo competition.
  review: S3 is certainly a fast-paced demo, managing to cram quite a number
  of impressive effects into a seriously short timespan. In fact, most
  effects rush by so quick you don't get much time to study them :) It does
  feature some extremely cool stuff, not least of which is one of the best
  Doom routines I have ever witnessed on the c64. Other impressive parts was
  (for me at least) the three moving, colored lightsources reflected onto a
  sphere, the nice plasma, and the 'eye' effect. All the onscreen beauty is
  accompanied by a very monotonous techno-style track that I personally did
  not find favourable, but they go some way towards explaining the choice of
  soundtrack in the note file (see below for more info). I will perhaps
  elaborate more on the different effects presented in the demo at a later
  date, when time allows me to sit down and watch it multiple times. The
  demo features two fullscreen pictures, an awesome facial portrait by Joe
  and an average title/lenin portrait by Oxidy. The entire demo is presented
  in a seamless style, with a single piece of music used throughout, and
  different parts loaded on the fly.
    A 75-block note file comes with the production, detailing its credits
  and production. The note opens with another fullscreen picture by Joe, not
  present in the demo itself. Code and music by Ed. This demo was reviewed
  on native hardware after provocations from Hollowman, Puterman and Hoth :)